Back from a week of nothingness, with a new mantra

I took a week off from work, from blogging, from constantly serving the net, even a week off from my diet and exercise routine.
I just wanted to be, that’s it and I think it did wonders, I did some needlepoint and even started learning crochet 🙂 yes I turn into a crafty old person when I relax,hehehe
but mainly I ate things without looking at the calorie content and watched loads of Disney channel 😉
I know it seems like I’m constantly taking time off, hehe, thing is I actually never used to take much time off and my leave days were stacking up
so I though why not take some  days off, I’m no use to anyone while I’m all stressed out anyway
I think every now and again you just need to log-off, I wont lie, I still checked my email, but that aside I was very sloth like 🙂
And despite feeling the post holiday exhaustion I’m ready to take on the world again, ready to face all the crap it seems to want to throw my way. Well sorta
Like I said I have a new mantra,”No1 lives your decisions except you, so no1 gets to make them except you” from the same person who gave me my current mantra,” No Fear, Just Faith”  
I know this is something most of my friends and family have said to me countless times in the past, but I believe you need to hear these things when you are in right mind space for the  “life changing affirmation” to actually be “life changing”
Also Danelle (she’s the long haired cartoon person in my picture and a good friend, we used to write a blog and a column for the paper together and that pic, featuring me in all my pouty-faced Afro glory went with our articles) has a way of putting things that make you “Get it”
Any who I like the phrase and will be trying to remember it as I continue this often painful journey  🙂
PS. The cartoon was created by another amazing woman I know, Lana, who you can check out at NogSteedsLana 

“No1 lives your decisions except you, so no1 gets to make them except you”

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