Making reading even more fun with crafts…

Aidan loves reading! okay he loves me reading to him and then memorising the story and pretending to read it back to me. Since he is only two, things don’t hold his attention for very long (books included) so I often do crafts based on any new books he gets to make it more exciting.

Thanks to Kid’sBookClub he will be getting books every month now so MORE CRAFTING FOR ME!!! I mean for him, I totally do this for him not me 😉 The books come to our door with magazines for me and I can’t tell you how much I love the concept!!! you should totally join

Some books for you and some for me mommy

 Last month we received Cloud Babies and My Favourite Food and I went with a my Favourite Food craft

Favourite food activity

The book is about a duck who goes around asking the other animals on the farm what their favourite food is. He tries their favourites but decides he prefers his… I could not get farm animals (okay I didn’t go look I just used what I had) so I went with an African feel 🙂
First I used foam stickers which I bought from Crazy store and stuck them on to pegs
Kind of like I did for this fun family wall activity

I then googled pictures of what the animals eat (yes the animals do not eat steaks but I did not want to traumatize my veggie son with pictures of animals eating animals that look like animals-you get me) I stuck them on a page using Microsoft Paint (my go to) and printed it out on card and covered it all in contact plastic.

Then all you do is give the page and pegs to your kid and have them “feed the animals” by pegging the animals onto their food choices 🙂

Happy feeding

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