Blue eye tutorial (Guest Post)

Ranique shows how to add a pop of colour to your make-up routine without looking like an extra from a Drag Show 🙂

In a world that’s dull and grey…
Colour! Colour and more colour is the one thing that will always stay!

So this week we’re playing with some eye-pop-make-up!
I love colour and and luckily for me, for the Summer of 2014, colour shadow and liners are one of your SIX HOTTEST Summer 2014 beauty trends in the make-up world… So you might want to toss away that dull colour shadow palette and pop over to the bright side of life…

Now I know it could be overwhelming doing your own make-up and playing with colour, I mean the last thing you want is for people to stare and think
“Oh my… she must have woken up in the 80s this morning …”

Noooo that’s not what I mean with colour …

Here i played with 3 make-up items!
Yes 3!
A eyeliner AVON
A trio shadow RALO
A mascara ESSENCE

With a few easy steps you can look fabulous this coming Summer.

Step 1:
Prep Brow and Lid

Step 2:
Outline with black eyeliner

Step 3:
Apply 1st green shadow over half the lid

Step 4:
Apply 2nd green shadow and blend towards the inner corner of your eye

Step 5:
Use your index finger to apply and blend the blue shadow over the center of the lid

Step 6:
Define the lower lash with liner

Step 7:
Apply mascara

A closer look…

There you have it!
3 colours!
3 items!
1 fabulous Summer 2014 look!

Until next week!

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