Learning from life while mourning

So my friend died today and I was angry! Angry at a stupid reckless driver who caused this, angry that her husband lost his wife, her brother lost a sister, nephew lost an aunt, parents lost a child. . .
We met in 2010 when she won a title sponsored by the paper I was working for. Over the years I’ve done many articles on her and her various charitable endeavours.  She impressed me with her giant heart and awesome attitude and we became friends.
She was young not nearly done with life… married for only 8 months she still had so many plans…
My heart goes out to her family who I know she loved more than anything…We spoke at nauseum about how lucky we both were to love and be loved…now she’s gone and I can’t imagine the gaping hole she has left with them. How their hearts must ache as they try to put things in perspective. Her parents were her heroes and she shared everything with them…what now?
Everyone who knew her adored her. A rare mix of beauty,brains and soooo much compassion.
I wasn’t done being her friend…still so many cups of coffee we promised to chat over, so much more I could learn from her.
I was just so angry, angry at God even. .. how could he take someone so fundimentaly good and leave murderers and rapists merrily living their lives…how could he let prayers go unanswered in this way!
Her accident two days ago brought out so much love…messages from far and wide and the blood bank could hardly handle all donations that came in for her…her influence shook the city to its core.
How can she simply be dead?!? How could God let her be dead?!?

I had to check myself and think of things from a less selfish place (like there is such a place in death)
Bianca wouldn’t want me angry at God. She loved him to much for that (she was a Christian in the true “follow by example” sense) So i try to see the “good” ; she gets to go home and one day we will be reunited with her…

It’s hard not to be broken by this…can’t imagine how those closer to her must feel…but I rest (and hope others do to) in the knowledge that she LIVED she never did anything in half measures this girl…let this be a lesson to us all, life is short make sure you LIVE it

Omw B can’t believe you’re gone 🙁
Much love my friend

And from conversations with her I know enough to say this: to her mom (you were her best friend) dad (you were her hero) husband (she loved you from the depths of her soul) brother (you inspired her) nephew (you brought so much joy) she shared so much about you all, know that you were loved with all she had and that everyone she touched holds you close in this tough time

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