My lil 10 month old

Can’t believe we are here already!!! Aidan has grown so beautifully and is such a little blessing

APPEARANCE:  He is a 10kgs, 75cm curly haired cherub.

PERSONALITY: Aidan is still crazy busy. He is friendly and loves to explore. He is also pretty sneaky, like if you catch him putting something he shouldn’t have in his mouth he will look at you with innocent eyes and pass it to you like it was his plan all along. He is turning out to be such a picky eater, every day is a fight to get him to eat anything other than yogurt and otees.

HE CAN NOW: Crawls everywhere, can climb up stairs even. Still only walks against furniture. Aidan can pack and unpack-he tends to focus on unpack though.

LOVES: the outdoors and exploring. Also can’t get enough of books and can play with blocks for ages.

DISLIKES: Eating and sleeping – the two things I thought came standard with babies

MOM:  planning his first birthday already πŸ™‚

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