Life in pics

Saw this banner on my way to CT and I am hoping to live like this as much as I can
Love this picture so much!  it’s really a shot between Rob and Aidan pulling faces at me but I can pretend that it’s just a nice photo moment
Guess who tuned one
cute minion cake
Infact, we had two babas turn one this weekend…Cruze too
He had a mickey cake
I really love colouring in – it calms me
We were welcomed as members of our new church on Sunday, so poetic as it was actually Logan’s birthday
Aidan has taken to building nests/forts/sleeping places around the house, so no neatness in the near future
Aidan making an A with his fingers, he has also taken to making A’s out of everything he can

Brothers from sister mothers

I have one live child, a singleton, you can read my views on his oneliness (not to be confused with loneliness) HERE

If I have one child why then is everything I do and buy in twos? Why do I spend every night wrangling a two year old while an almost one year old tries to pull down everything within reach?

 Well here is why… my sister and I seem to have ended up in some sort of time share parenting rotation. 

Our boys love each other so much that separating them can be near impossible! 
My sister and Aidan’s sorta-sibling live next door so after school my grade R teacher sister watches them till I come from work and “clock in”. (Giving her time to maybe eat something or take a shower-you know self indulgent things -hehe )

 They want to do everything together and with the age gap it’s not always convenient (my poor heart) Think a 11 month old trying to follow a toddler down the stairs or an almost 3 year old trying to get into his old walking ring so they can race.

Caleb is a full on busy body…worse than Aidan ever was, he stops his rapid darting from room to room just long enough to dance to anything that resembles music or to beat something like a drum. He has a bit of a temper but it’s obvious that it has to do with him not being able to communicate effectively yet. So it’s a lot of pointing and screaming…Don’t worry Aidan insists that he is “learning him” to talk.

Aidan is turning out to be a smart mouth, picture a toddler version of Eric from That 70s show. He is full of snark and eye rolling and words that a two year old doesn’t quite need. He loves words though and will always ask me the meaning of words he finds interesting and also tell me which ones he can live without, like strawberry and beautiful (don’t ask). He loves making things (wonder where he gets that from) and will ask you to get out his crafts so he can make a “someing” for so and so.

 These days… 
-Aidan uses Caleb to eat food he doesn’t want (you know, all non yogurt/cereal/toast meals)
 -Caleb randomly hits Aidan out of frustration because “he doesn’t have words yet”
 -They mess up any room in mere seconds 
– They fight about everything!
 -Everything needs to be purchased in twos
– They already love each other so fiercely that life is full of awwww moments see below 

Aidan has a brother, sort of

I have mentioned before that we are very happy as parents of an only. We are lucky in that even though he is technically an only we come from such a tight knit family that he is always surrounded by friends/family. His older cousins (my cousin’s kids and Robs brother’s kids) are his heroes and there are tons of play dates.  These days it’s even better because he gets to play “big brother” to my sister’s son who lives next door… the two are practically joined at the hip and we can already see how much mischief these two are likely to get up to.

Here is a bit of an update on the little 7 month old busy body
APPEARANCE:   Adorable little thing, he has a small build like his mom and is just as feisty. Dark wavy hair and tiny “disappear when he smiles” eyes… Also stunning dimples and a very prominent cleft in his chin.

PERSONALITY: This kid is too big for his boots. He interacts with Aidan so well and will poke and prod at him till he wakes up to play with him. He spends some time in a walker during the day and mostly chases Aidan around my mom’s dining room table.  He actually NEVER sits still EVER he is ALWAYS ready to play and is full of smiles and energy. He also manages to get Aidan to help him with mischief like opening doors for him and putting things in reach.

ROUTINE:  I don’t see his day to day but according to his mom he doesn’t sleep and is busssssy oh so busy (but I know that part).

LOVES: Eating (Aidan has even tried to trick him into finishing his food and I swear if we didn’t intervene he would) banging things and the outdoors.

DISLIKES: sitting still, being held tightly, anything that restricts movement actually.

MOM:  Is doing amazing and I am very proud of her.


Only a housewife?! I beg to differ

I come from a “matriarchal family” by saying that I mean my gran ruled the roost and all my aunts studied and worked and studied some more.

My mom however was “only a housewife” I never understood that term especially the “only” part.
I knew she had a really tough upbringing (she could write a book that would have you balling your eyes out)  I also know that she was never “only” anything.
Before she stopped working she put in crazy hours at a diner (yes an actual diner, no I wasn’t born in America in 1960) She did that to help my dad pay for his studies after he was wrongfully dismissed on my first birthday.
When she “stopped working” my cousins were always over, the people in town started to think my mom (who even to this day looks super young) had way too many babies. She looked after them so my aunts could work and study. 
She sewed and knitted for people to make extra money and we sold things like popcorn, fudge and the ice lollies we would make by freezing juice in cups with sticks in.
I remember my parents taking on projects together, he can fix anything, she can sew anything (but she has never been afraid of a challenge so I know she even tiled and painted under my dads guidance)  she has also always been involved with the church, from Sunday school teacher to treasury.

Through it all she had our uniforms ready every morning along with our breakfasts, lunch for when we got home and supper at night (takeaways were not big back then, or should I say money wasn’t) and she found the time to craft and bake with us and teach her awkward daughter who didn’t have many friends how to jump rope and play hopscotch. (She was a pinterest mom before pinterest was a thing)
She quizzed us for exams, made sure God was not just part of our vocab, but our lives and ruled with an iron fist and a dirty look.
I’ve heard jealous women refer to her as lucky, “she has a fancy car and doesn’t even have a job, must be nice” I’ve watched her hold her composure as they would suggest she was lucky to “land my dad” She was referred to as a trophy wife in front of her children and remained so dignified it instantly taught me the meaning of “ladylike”.
Now she helps raise my child, she teaches him about gardening and sharing and loves him and my sister’s son fiercely.
She’s the one who puts flowers on my other sons grave, who opens my windows when she fears I’m getting depressed and always manages to put others first even when she vows she will take some “me time”.
She leaves me notes of encouragement when she cant find the words to say and probably “gets me” way more than anyone else.
My mother was and is not “Just a Housewife”… like every woman who chooses this route she is a superwoman and my inspiration. 

A early birthday message to the husband person

A couple of years ago I was introduced to this really annoying guy. He had a dry sense of humour and an answer for EVERYTHING. While he was quiet around others, I could not get him to shut up and he could be moody as all heck (still is :p )
He grew on me though, because he got my jokes and put up with my moods and had the prettiest green eyes, I subsequently liked him so much that I agreed to marry him and make another dry witted know it all…

Happy Birthday Robin, thank you for being you, thank you for filling in the spots where I fall short, thanks for getting things down off the high shelves and driving me around when I’m being a lazy bum, thanks for sharing the parenting duties with me 50/50 no questions asked and for accepting my family as your own even if they are way more than what you are used to. Thank you for singing along when Aidan and I are in one of our moods and for turning down your beloved rock music when I’m depressed and can’t stand the sound of music. Thank you for being okay with my need to be alone and also always being willing to just sit with me when I just need someone near…

I hope God grants you way more years, thank you for being the Papa bear in our 3 little bear story 🙂

A color run weekend

Aidan is really dedicated to his role as a male sleeping beauty I always teased that he could sleep anywhere but now watching him do it, with people running around, with color and glitter flying everywhere and music blasting …. I have no words.

He had fun though, I just think the wait for our wave was a little long for him, so next time we will be closer to the front. Once he woke up he really did get into it and I’m glad I took precautions  regarding doing a color run with a toddler.

He was in his stroller most of the time,  he wore sunglasses to protect his eyes and I got him to cover his mouth with a snood when we went through the color zones (spelling colour like this hurts my head) – This was an awesome idea it turns out as I saw a couple of mom’s having to clean faces and eyes and dealing with “it’s in my mouth mommy”

Will definitely do it again next year, I think he might have been a little overwhelmed (shame he is but 25 months old) he kept saying, look mommy funny hats, look funny clothes and so on and for the rest of the time he just watched the goings on, a little stunned, he told me later , lots of colours mommy, red and blue colours colours, so I know it was great for him.

It was even better for my niece Kirsten (4) who LOVES purple, as in LOVES! At the purple station she nearly lost her mind, rolling around and covering herself in colour, she reminded me of the scene in Despicable Me where the little one says

Anyway for those who don’t follow me on INSTAGRAM , FACEBOOK or TWITTER  these crazy dirty pictures would be new, for those who do, I did include some new ones 🙂

The wait at the start was a little long for him
At the start, look at us all clean and stuff

Years in the purple dessert did not get our travelers down
The glamorous after shot, hahahaha, sexy sexy 
Barney rejects
The starting line
 He drinks his juice like people are not throwing coloured cornstarch all over us
But hey if you can sleep through it you can drink through it
Not sleeping just camera shy
Cleaner days…How retro is my little man
Like a BOSS hehehe (they throw colours at me I just adjust my glasses,like it ain’t no thing
My cousin’s Kay-lynn and Caz-lynn auditioning as smurfs
Kirsten LOVES purple, “look at all the purple,so much purple”, she says
My aunt Mercia just came as a spectator, but her daughters, the lynn’s, decided she needed to be colourfull
they look like extras in Annie….It’s a hard knock life…
These curly haired children are in need of some spit and polish, hehehe
My aunt is the only one who looks like a person here! attack of the technicolour zombies!!!!