Aidan has a brother, sort of

I have mentioned before that we are very happy as parents of an only. We are lucky in that even though he is technically an only we come from such a tight knit family that he is always surrounded by friends/family. His older cousins (my cousin’s kids and Robs brother’s kids) are his heroes and there are tons of play dates.  These days it’s even better because he gets to play “big brother” to my sister’s son who lives next door… the two are practically joined at the hip and we can already see how much mischief these two are likely to get up to.

Here is a bit of an update on the little 7 month old busy body
APPEARANCE:   Adorable little thing, he has a small build like his mom and is just as feisty. Dark wavy hair and tiny “disappear when he smiles” eyes… Also stunning dimples and a very prominent cleft in his chin.

PERSONALITY: This kid is too big for his boots. He interacts with Aidan so well and will poke and prod at him till he wakes up to play with him. He spends some time in a walker during the day and mostly chases Aidan around my mom’s dining room table.  He actually NEVER sits still EVER he is ALWAYS ready to play and is full of smiles and energy. He also manages to get Aidan to help him with mischief like opening doors for him and putting things in reach.

ROUTINE:  I don’t see his day to day but according to his mom he doesn’t sleep and is busssssy oh so busy (but I know that part).

LOVES: Eating (Aidan has even tried to trick him into finishing his food and I swear if we didn’t intervene he would) banging things and the outdoors.

DISLIKES: sitting still, being held tightly, anything that restricts movement actually.

MOM:  Is doing amazing and I am very proud of her.


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