Take a look at Jill’s stuff

Thursday’s are for featuring interesting people… For me and this blog that is usually other bloggers or creatives/artists. I really love creative people, and love to showcase people’s talents so with that in mind meet Jill, she was featured here before for Meatless MondayJill makes these awesome pants, maxalones, they have more space for cloth nappies, she really only makes them for her boys but when she has extra fabric she sells rem on her fb page Jill’s Stuff.

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Behind the scenes with Cleo at the J&B Met

Thursday’s are the days I feature people I find interesting… Usually it’s interviews with other bloggers but I have decided to add a different feature to my Thursday rotation… DEAR DIARY

I know so many people doing so many cool thing that I sometimes wish I could tap into their lives and live vicariously for a moment and then I thought, hey I can … so I’m asking some awesome people doing awesome things to give me a DEAR DIARY entry starting with Cleo the awesome designer I featured here . She won a design challenge last year which gave her the opportunity to take her designs to the J&B Met, here is what she had to say about the experience…

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