My thoughts on the Sorbet MediPedi


Okay so I knew my feet were a problem when my husband offered to sponsor me with a pedicure as an early birthday present – Birthday is in March!!! (I haven’t been as pampery to myself as I should or could have been)

So when Sorbet in Walmer Park asked if I wanted to try their MediPedi I naturally said, “uhhhh no I don’t want to be pampered thank you very much” , hahahah NAH, I said,”when do you need me there” (blogger opportunities this side of the country are few and far between to say the least)

First things first the salon is way bigger than I thought  and they do everything there, massages, waxes, eyelash extensions the works!
I usually don’t like salon’s in malls, I don’t know, I’m weird, it feels too open and clinical, but the Sorbet in Walmer get around that by great layout…from the front it looks like a shop front, and you go around a wall to the treatment areas so you are not all exposed getting your nails or anything else done as people pass by. Also the owner Sandra and her team are genuinely nice – and no, it’s not just because I was  blogger reviewing a treatment, she actually didn’t recognise me until halfway through the treatment so I got to see how they interact with people as a observer. They are not snooty and the place is not hospitally,I don’t like hospitally or snooty.

As someone who walks around in crazy high heels half the day and gallivants barefoot for the rest, I have had my fair share of pedicures…Paraffin Dips, Exfoliating Masks, the lot…

MediPedi was new to me though and I’m always honest on my reviews… so here goes

jealous much? Celeste was shy though

I really liked it, I liked that my super nice beauty therapist, Celeste, didn’t use a pumice or a foot file, those things are awkward (I struggle with not laughing because it tickles or kicking because it hurts)

Instead  she, put on a pair of gloves and used an alkaline wash to massage my feet to smooth perfection, spritzing distilled water as she went along… Dead skin is removed like this and it’s weird as you can see the skin fall off and your feet soften. She then uses a pigment oil , a callous cream and another oil I forgot the name to (The massage is super relaxing and I’m super forgetful) she also wrapped my feet in plastic and all this helps to softens and keeps bacterial infections at bay…

I got a gorgeous Gelish colour too, and feel so pretty oh so pretty….

Feet are awkward things to photograph aren’t they

If your feet look like they need help or you need a treat, I recommend the treatment…
It’s R300 for the medipedi, you can add a paint for R370 and gelish for R450

oh they have fun treatments for the rest of the family too, like Mr Mani-cure at R150 for hubby and little miss mani’s for the under 12s at R50  also you can swipe your Clicks card there, I love me some Clicks points.

You can contact Sorbet Walmer Park at 041 367-2696/041 823-9626
They are also on Twitter: Sorbet_Walmer
and on Instagram: SorbetWalmerPark

*Received treatment to review

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