Behind the scenes with Cleo at the J&B Met

Thursday’s are the days I feature people I find interesting… Usually it’s interviews with other bloggers but I have decided to add a different feature to my Thursday rotation… DEAR DIARY

I know so many people doing so many cool thing that I sometimes wish I could tap into their lives and live vicariously for a moment and then I thought, hey I can … so I’m asking some awesome people doing awesome things to give me a DEAR DIARY entry starting with Cleo the awesome designer I featured here . She won a design challenge last year which gave her the opportunity to take her designs to the J&B Met, here is what she had to say about the experience…


As a kid fascinated by fashion, I would religiously watch the J&B Met every year and I remember telling my Dad “one day I’ll be there too”. Little did I know that day would come a couple of years early.

The past weekend exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I feel so blessed with the support from my whole family. I think the best part was having them share it with me.

Boarding the plane, on my way to the J&B Met I still didn’t realize what was really happening. Upon arrival at the airport, the chauffeur had been waiting and drove us to the hotel. So excited to get ready, myself, my models and my family made our way to the Met.

Having been booked in the pocket power lounge, food and drink was bottomless, but so was the entertainment. The people I met could possibly open many doors in the fashion industry, therefore I am ever grateful. I must say that the atmosphere was so electric that even I bet on a horse or two but no luck for me. I soon made my way down to the general area where my parents had been keeping an eye on my models who had been swamped with reporters and cameras.

My sister had done so many interviews that day. I met a couple of tv presenters as well as the miss South Africa finalists. We spent most of the day taking pictures with random strangers who stopped us. Definitely an experience I never will forget. I plan to attend the Met next year.

Cleo’s designs…

Cleo has her own Clothing label now 🙂 These awesome kaftan’s retail at R150 each
You can contact Cleo on



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