Easy hairstyles for stretching the blowout

I am all for easy hairstyles and with my recent blowout I knew I had to find a way to make it last. When people see me with straight hair the question is always “why don’t you do it more often, the answer is; “I don’t have hours (to be fair the last one was not that long) to sit around so that my hair stays straight for the time it takes to take three selfies”. My hair wants to be curly so from the moment I get up off the chair it is ready to go back to its roots. (pun intended).  So if I do get my hair blow-dried I want to get a few days out of it …here is how I managed it.

easy hairstyles


My easy hairstyles for post blowout:

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I found a natural friendly stylist – yeah me!

I found a natural friendly stylist!!! I feel like this statement can be met with one of four questions;

  1. What is a natural friendly stylist?
  2. Surely it could not have taken you that long to find one
  3. Why do you specifically need a natural friendly stylist anyway?
  4. Why must you always be so extra when it comes to hair?

Well let me tell you all about that but first a picture of me in straight hair for the first time in years


Now back to this stylist and why I was searching for one in the first place

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Stylish Steppers unisex shampoo review

We did a unisex shampoo review. Me and my husband did… I don’t even know if the shampoo is supposed to be unisex shampoo. Like does it even matter? Well in our house we are not big on sticking to gender norms…I will fix the plug he will fix the supper, you know, we are very 2017 like that. So even if one shampoo was made with Unicorn pee and the other with Hulk sweat we recon it would be okay to try it out.

But all silliness aside. … Michelle, the owner of local salon Stylish Steppers released her own range of products and let me try out her shampoos…Here is what I thought.

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When a child’s natural hair doesn’t fit the mould

I was that child with natural hair that didn’t fit the mould.

These days I have an actual fear of salons. They give me so much anxiety.

No I didn’t read some article about bacteria lurking in communal brushes (probably shouldn’t google that). It’s not the idea of it so much, it’s past experiences. (PS. I know some really nice stylists, the experience just makes me uncomfortable)

Hair salons became this place where I would literally pay to be ridiculed. I’d sit there being pulled and prodded and my “bad hair” discussed with other people.
But honestly sometimes you don’t even have to be pay to be made to feel inferior. Families often do it for free. My slick haired father doesn’t let his feelings towards my hair go unnoticed.

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Behind the Natural Hair Movement

Usually when I talk Natural Hair it is the “how to” the “what to”, I do curly countdowns and share other people’s hair stories, but this is different.
This time I want to delve deeper into this hair story…so over the next three Friday’s I’m going to get real about natural hair.
So why am I getting so serious? Well you see how the magazines are now all; Natural hair FTW! how billboards display kinks with glee? GUYS! it was not always like that and I’m not talking years ago in the dark ages. I’m talking last year, I’m talking last month, last week, probably right now somewhere. Somewhere right now some boskop chick is being told her hair is not work appropriate. Some auntie is asking her daughter/niece if she is going to “fix her hair”.

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The lowdown on Pewa’s curls

Today Pewa talks curls… Our curly countdown is that of Ndapewa Ithete who describes herself as a  scientist/afro-nerd/makeup enthusiast and blogger with mermaid aspirations.

Ndapewa answered my call for more curly countdown features and I am so glad she did as it led me to her blog Pewa of Namib which is a GREAT resource for hair product reviews. Maybe it’s the scientist in her but she really goes all out with ingredients, pros and cons, so do check her out.


So lets jump right into her curly countdown…but first a little more about Pewa

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