I found a natural friendly stylist – yeah me!

I found a natural friendly stylist!!! I feel like this statement can be met with one of four questions;

  1. What is a natural friendly stylist?
  2. Surely it could not have taken you that long to find one
  3. Why do you specifically need a natural friendly stylist anyway?
  4. Why must you always be so extra when it comes to hair?

Well let me tell you all about that but first a picture of me in straight hair for the first time in years


Now back to this stylist and why I was searching for one in the first place

See I have had many unpleasant experiences at salons, honestly most of my childhood trauma can be traced to me sitting under a standing drier praying for time to pass by. That was not even the worst; having my hair and my mom’s parenting skills ridiculed is pretty high up on the list of why I am not a fan of salons…More about that  HERE. Even when I got older I just felt judged every time I stepped into a hair salon, I could never just relax and enjoy the experience because I had to field questions about why I hadn’t relaxed, brazilianed, asked my parents to make better choices in partners…

Then winter did things to my hair that were not pretty, you know that successful event we planned? THE FAIR? Well something that was not successful was my hair on the day, in fact it had just not been looking lekka (nice) for a while now, I blame winter as my skin is also not looking too cute. Anyway I remembered that a while back I had asked on FB “hey guys where would someone in PE  go to do their hair?  someone with a bush of unruly hair that didn’t want it chemically tamed that is”

And people told me about Stylish Steppers. Here’s the funny thing before I did my hair with Michelle she actually cut Aidan’s hair and he loves her…



Did I send my son as a Guinea pig, of course not, BUT it didn’t hurt, haha.

Anyway I had been chatting to Michelle about me wanting to just give up this natural hair journey,because my hair was looking a little rough and I was looking at the relaxer like it was the last  donut and I was on a diet. She assured me that she would sort me out and seeing as Rob and I had tried out her range of PRODUCTS I thought it was worth a try.


So I walk into her salon, looking like this…see even Aidan looks nervous

Already now I’m panicking because I could not find my detangling brush that morning so my hair was a tangly mess, a good smelling mess, but a mess none the less.

She led me to the sink and immediately I saw it!!!! she has a detangling brush, omw a detangling brush like the one I misplaced this morning (no I’m not accusing her, haha)  this already relaxed me (and that’s the only relaxer I think I need thanks)  GUYS THE TANGLE IS REAL IN MY LIFE! So as I lower my head into the basin and I figure I better address the bushy haired elephant in the room. You know to alleviate the awkwardness, so  I mentioned that I knew my hair was a tangly mess.

She just smiled? WHAT? No offer to Brazilian or at least a texlax?

So she washes my hair and uses a mixture of her own products and MUK and detangles my hair effortlessly , like in my 30+ years this is the first time someone else has handled my hair and I was not secretly pinching the inside of my leg to stop from screaming.

Then she tells me the reason for the tangles is that I have thin hair (nope, no one has ever said this to me,ever) I just have MANY strands of thin hair. She suggests I tie it up for sleeping and get a satin pillow case for the rubbing. To help right now she says she would trim as I def need that, she tells me that the dye growing out has changed my hair structure from that of a cucumber to that of a carrot and that the carrot look was an unhealthy one. So she trims my hair and blow dries it without me burning and praying for the time to pass. It was quick and painless and she even used lower heat.

Her products are low sulphate and she doesn’t pull and tug and use stupid little torture devices (you might know it by their street name: comb)

I’m a big fan and will def  be back. Aidan doesn’t like my hair, in fact when he saw me he asked if it was okay that he didn’t like it and also how much would he have to not like it for me to change it back…See now my hair is not going to be straight long, that’s just the nature of the beast, but she is definitely my go to for the occasional length check and the much needed trim and treat.

Disclaimer: Michelle actually did my hair in exchange for the review  but you guys know me by now, I am pretty honest regardless and I always tell brands this before I do a review. So if I say I liked something you can be sure  I really did….

9 thoughts on “I found a natural friendly stylist – yeah me!

  1. Lizene Marais says:

    Awesome…I should try her.I cannot wash and wear my hair…its huge…i wash and bun!I usually go for dry cuts after i have blown my hair myself coz all i hear is my hair would look so nice with a brazillian.I have so much heat damage though….

  2. Simone Cameron says:

    I know that feeling…also wondering…can anybody actually do my ‘type’ of hair. When they first take out a paddle brush to blow my hair…I literally just want to cry. In fact the last time I went to the hair dresser a year ago, I actually left crying. I’ll definitely check them out.

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks to winter, my skin is looking like an absolute mess.
    I had a giggle about you being extra with your hair. There is literally no such thing as being extra with your hair. Girl’s gotta have good hair days 🙂

    Your little one’s hair looks fantastic 🙂 I am so used to seeing you with the curls that it’s an adjustment, but you look beautiful with the curls and with the straight tresses


  4. Jean says:

    I tried flat ironing my hair for a change but my hair cannot stand the cold air. I even use the frizz free oil but I ended up with s frizz hair. How do I avoid frizz free hair.

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