Easy hairstyles for stretching the blowout

I am all for easy hairstyles and with my recent blowout I knew I had to find a way to make it last. When people see me with straight hair the question is always “why don’t you do it more often, the answer is; “I don’t have hours (to be fair the last one was not that long) to sit around so that my hair stays straight for the time it takes to take three selfies”. My hair wants to be curly so from the moment I get up off the chair it is ready to go back to its roots. (pun intended).  So if I do get my hair blow-dried I want to get a few days out of it …here is how I managed it.

easy hairstyles


My easy hairstyles for post blowout:

First let me show you why I don’t just leave my hair loose, after two days it’s a bit of a frizzy mess

but is still pretty soft and manageable so I can make a few hairstyles. Personally I don’t like super sleek hair, it is just not me, so yes I know my edges aren’t laid down and there are fly-aways, but that’s just because I like a relaxed look, you can make these much more “proper” with a lick of gel. So lets get on to those easy hairstyles shall we…

The ballet bun

Tie your hair high on your head then take a thinnish head scarf and tie it around the base of the hair, twist your scarf around the hair tie and then cover the scarf with your hair to give the illusion of a fuller bun.

The side bang

For this I did exactly the same as the ballet bun just lower on my head, at the nape. and also gave myself a side path and a faux bang.

Braided band

I do something similar when my hair is curly. Just section a piece of hair in the front of you head and either braid or twist it to the side (I twist) pin it down and add a headband to complete the look. The back is just left as a messy high ponytail.

Boho scarf

I  like this one because I like messy hair. All i kid was to tie my hair up into a high ponytail and fluff it out. In front I did a side bang and tied the look together with a scarf (this is also the scarf that is under my ballet bun)


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