The adult brats epidemic…don’t be a statistic

I had this idea about writing how teachers are the most undervalued in society how parents can be so demanding and plain out ridiculous. Then I thought actually cops have to deal with a lot of ungratefulness too, oh and cashiers, oh and the media, flip “the media” is to blame for everything.

Then there are waiters and municipal employees and the list got so long I had to tear it up and start a new list…A list with one thing on…what is making society so annoying?…bratty people that’s it.

I’m not saying you don’t get bad teachers/cops/media people/and so on and so forth, of course , you do. What I’m saying is you sure get a lot of bratty entitled people.

Those are the people who blame everyone but themselves for things going wrong, those are the internet trolls, the ones who bump into you with their shopping trolleys and then look at you waiting for an apology.
A brat will cut you off in traffic because where ever they need to be is way more important than where you need to be. Brats talk over you at shops when you are speaking to a sales assistant and Brats say things like…I just saw a cop drinking a coffee/ parking/talking to a civilian/using a public toilet/any other ridiculous thing that people should be able to do even when on the clock on our tax payers money. Can’t cops even eat lunch now?
Maybe it’s because I have grown up around the blue and grey collared masses and because I had to deal with people trying to return clothes you can see was worn out from wear and tear, but I’m sick of Brats.

We tell our kids to say please and thank you but can’t even manage eye contact with the cashier. We tell them this and that is not polite when we are hardly very polite ourselves.

I really believe in the saying….be the change you want to see, and since I want to see less brattiness I shall display less brattiness.

It creeps in though, you are tired, you are overextended, you look like heck and just walked into your whole grade 12 class, sometimes you just don’t have the krag (energy)to be nice, but you know what, I’m going to try and I’m going to check my privilege (I mean the privilege I have to even at my “worst off” have more than many) and I am going to try and be better.
I’ll say please and thank you and wait my damn turn, I will smile at strangers and ignore people on social media who are out for a fight (I see you there, but watch me scrooooollll on by).
There’s a fine line between being confident and standing up for yourself and being a brat so here is to staying on the right side of the line…You’ll recognise the wrong side by the shouting, bad karma , and inability to say please or thank you and sometimes even hi.

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