Cleaning tips for the work from home mom (SoPure)

I have a few cleaning tips for those women who have to somehow shoehorn housekeeping into their homebased work day. I realise that stay at home moms work really hard aswell, infact, I did a post about housewives like my mom, not too long ago, but this one is aimed at the small business owner or remote working moms. Those whose offices are a little too close to the unfolded laundry.

While everyone in my age group seems to be inspired by Marie Kondo and have gone into super organised mode, I’m barely keeping my head above water. I worked through the holiday period and the person who usually helps with cleaning has resigned, so I’ve had to learn to be a little more domestic.

Here are my 5 cleaning tips for keeping things hygienic, clean and under control (sort of under control)

Disclaimer: SoPure had sent me some products to try out and the timing turned out to be perfect. So I will be referring to their products in the tips.

1. Clean when the mess happens

This isn’t always possible with phones ringing and email inboxes overflowing, but I find that it is better to clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of allowing stains to dry. If you wait, you give the stain time to set. So when you hear the juice box fall off the counter wipe it up then and there. A few drops of SoPure Naturally Disinfecting floor cleaner makes quick work of it and although the product isn’t safe to ingest it is anti bacterial and baby friendly so you can ignore your child eating otees off the floor while you chat to a client on Skype. If you clean often, you won’t accumulate a lot of dirty stuff so pick up the toy as you step on it on your way out, it makes for less work later.

2. Keep Your House Free of Clutter

I believe there’s a show on Netflix for this hehehe and although I really need to get around to it soon I already know the importance of decluttering. Its just easier to clean with less clutter around, dusting becomes easier, packing becomes easier and if you know where things are supposed to go you can put it there easier.

3. Get the kids involved

If your kids are still very young they can make things worse, quite frankly. But rope them in with a few responsibilities as soon as they are a little more mature. After play, Aidan has to pack away his toys or I threaten to chuck it away. I also let him rinse out his water and milk bottles after school (he is going through a milk instead of juice phase) the same with his lunch box. There is nothing like the smell of a forgotten lunch box and bottle (barf). I found the SoPure Naturally dishwashing liquid is awesome for this. It has an odour eliminator and doesn’t have that overly lemony smell that can leave water bottles feeling soapy. Having the kids be able to do tasks like dressing themselves and cleaning their own messes helps alot. (SoPure hygiene handwash is great for your independent little helpers’ hands)

4. Schedule your cleaning

No one (sane) expects you to spring clean before starting work every day, that’s not realistic. Instead schedule cleaning into your work day.
-drop kid
-make beds
-wash dishes
-make that money
-start supper
Products like SoPure disinfecting toilet cleaner means you can force a few more jobs into your work day. The instructions say to use it with your toilet brush and then to reaply and leave for 20min. Those 20minutes can be spent taking a shower and when you get out you flush and Boom! Another thing to tick off your to do list.

5. Get help

Whether it is getting your partner to step up more at home or paying someone to help with time consuming tasks such as doing the washing, there is no shame in asking for assistance…Seriously. I’m aware that house work has never been “my thing” I have friends who clean to relax and although I love them dearly, I can’t say I “get it” so I’m willing to put in extra hours doing things I’m good at to pay for the at home assistance.

These cleaning tips featured SoPure an award winning all natural range of cleaning materials which includes disinfectants and sterilisers that is said to protect your family against germs and pests of all sorts. The SoPure product range is proudly South African and their products are highly effective in eliminating bacteria, fungi, moulds, and yeast from your home. SoPure products are biodegradable and 100% non-toxic… Which is great for little kids (my nephews, who stick everything in their mouths)

Please weigh in with your own tips

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