Curly countdown starts here

I’ve decided to ask some curly curls to share their secrets in a “curly countdown”
So to get things started I’m doing the first in the series 🙂

Curl count down

5 random facts about you and your hair

–          This is my blog so you probably know too much about me already

–          I used to wish I was a mermaid because my hair looks better wet

–          My hair grows fast but you cant really tell because it shrinks when drying

–          My son has awesome curls, I’m slightly jealous of him

–          I like rose flavoured things way more than I like the actual flower

4 products or activities you can’t live without

–          My mini hairdryer set on cold to shape my hair in the mornings

–           Coconut oil!!!

–          Hair pins glorious hair pins

–          Conditioner!!!

3 Tips for other curly curls

–          Embrace your pattern, everyone is different and that is okay

–          Look for natural products, your hair will thank you later

–          Satin/Silk scarves and bonnets are your friend

2 misconceptions about curly hair

–          People see it as a lazy girls way out – believe me it’s not

–          That you can detangle dry NEVER DO THAT!!!

1 curly pic

See above

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