Coronavirus safety tips and precautions for your hotel stay

I thought I’d share some Coronavirus safety tips and precautions with you guys incase you have been toying with the idea of supporting a local hotel.

As a family we have really focused on being Corona safe for the last few months. We’ve been called dramatic and sheeple, but I would litterally rather be safe than sorry. However, when in Level 1, the Boardwalk Hotel invited us to spend a night in one of their luxury rooms I decided to be brave (yet safe) and get out of the darn house.

Coronavirus safety tips and precautions

  • Sanitise
    You must sanitise your hands at entrances, check-in counters and before entering our vehicles. The Boardwalk hotel (and I believe all Sun International hotels) have hand Sanitise everywhere, including touchless devices in high-traffic areas.

  • Wear your mask
    Wear a cloth or disposable mask from the moment you step out of your hotel room. Feel free to imagine that you’re a big celeb who needs to protect their privacy as you walk around.

  • Comply to protocols
    You will need to undergo a temperature check and complete a medical screening questionnaire when you arrive. Don’t be difficult, just do it,its for your safety and the safety of the staff. For multipleday hotel stays, temperature checks will be done when arriving or departing the Hotel each day.

  • Be aware that your room might look a little different
    The rooms are more minimalist than you might be used to. Excess cushions, throws, extra blankets, and décor items have been removed to reduce surfaces. These are available upon request.

  • Use facilities with caution
    There are rules and regulations for using facilities such as the gym and pool area but the responsibility still rests on you. Be aware of your surroundings. If there are too many guests using facilities, come back later. Use the sanitizing cloths and spray on every machine you touch in the gym and be safe while pool side.

  • Adhere to social distancing
    When queuing, eating, lounging remember to do it 1.5m from other patrons

There is a full list of protocols for Sun International hotels if you still feel a bit nervous.

Personally we had a blast. We stayed safe and at a distance from others and got to wake up without a 7-year-olds toe in either of our ears.

I’m still team safety first. I’m still cautious, but I believe that we can do more things and live a semi normal life if we all work together and take the next person’s safety into consideration

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