Big hair Swimma cares…WIN WIN WIN

There’s a swim cap for us big haired people!!! It’s called Swimma and it’s awesome.


What’s even more awesome is you can win one!!! For you or for you kid

When I received the Swimma cap for a review I wanted to show you guys a picture of my hair as a child, but I couldn’t find a picture, BUT then I remembered, I don’t need a picture of my hair when my cousin has a 6 year old kid who is pretty much a carbon copy as a kid.


The thing is, as a child, I did swimming lessons and it SUCKED not just my lack of coordination but also the fact that I was going through swimming caps at an alarming rate. Like RIPPING through them like a big thighed girl (also me)  through flimsy pants.

Kids are cruel to, so while I wrestled all my hair in to this damn swimming cap they would literally point and laugh and say, “oooh dik hare (ugly way of saying thick hair),use a shopping packet rather”

So I started hiding out in locker room to fight my head into this “one size fits all , latex lie” which would pull and tug on my hair…GUYS NO JOKES FLASHBACKS!!!

I was so chuffed when Nomvuyo Treffers brought out the Swimma. She has the most beautiful long dreadlocks and her daughters have enough hair guys, more than enough beautiful locks. She wanted to just jump in the pool with them but swimming caps wouldn’t hold her hair THE STRUGGLE IS REAL so she developed these Swimmas which are made from a thicker stretchier material that can actually keep your hair dry, I’m so used to feeling water seep in to swimming caps I found it rather confusing (disclaimer, I’m not a very “active” swimmer so that may have helped with keeping my hair completely dry, it didn’t even mess up my style…see below, that second pic is AFTER I took the cap off)


But anyway you don’t have to take my childhood angst as your only proof, here is what my niece Kirsten thinks about the cap after using it for a bit (Guys I know she sounds coached, but she actually just always sounds that well spoken) also if yo u want your own, please order through SWIMMA

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6 thoughts on “Big hair Swimma cares…WIN WIN WIN

  1. Muskan Thulani says:

    I need it in my life for my girl that has a lot of her and with her swimming 4 times a week feel sorry for her tht she h as to pull down her cap everytime as it comes off because of her hair being so much

  2. MrsFF says:

    Big hair aside big head is also a problem for some of us and to now combine the two— sigh… even my three year old complains of swimming caps being too small

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