Crafting with mommy…buti-eyes (butterflies)

I thought I’d include Aidan in some of my crafting, like we did LAST WEEK this week we made butterflies (buti-eyes). I know people see it as the more girly of the bug world but Aidan loves them and tries to catch them in the yard (heaven forbid he actually catches one) noting his fascination I told him we could make one, this is what I came up with – note that the stick makes it possible to wave the butterfly so it looks like it’s flying…

First step was to get Aidan to paint pictures for me – A black and blue butterfly you say
… You need a stick (we have a ton of chopsticks laying around)
Fold paper, draw wing, cut out
Use sticky tape to stick the stick and pipe cleaner (not in last picture because I only thought of it afterwards) to back of butterfly
Loving the butterfly to distruction
Flying Flying
Not bad 🙂

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