Curly Countdown with Sean

Today’s curly countdown comes from new kid on the block in the SA natural hair care community,  Sean.


From what I can tell from my extensive stalking she is funny and slightly weird #girlcrush. Sean from Sean goes natural is an engineering student from KZN and has AWESOME HAIR… Actually it’s very much like mine (if mine was on the head of someone who knew what they were doing).

Here are her answers to my curly countdown questions…

After checking those out you should check out her blog, THIS is one of my favourite posts, it just hit so close to home

  1. Facts about yourself and your hair
  • I have been natural for almost 2 years now, heat-free for that entire time. High school Sean would be scandalized, the GHD addict she was.
  • I am 21, studying in Durban and bloody hell is adulting hard. I do not know how you do it and look so good. The one good part is now I get to buy my own hair products and nobody can judge me and my product hoe ways.
  • I am the only natural I know personally who can’t use coconut oil ☹ It makes me break out and inflames my scalp, so I’ve found alternatives in avocado and olive oil.
  • I have medium porosity type 3 hair. My biggest fear is my hair somehow becoming straight
  • Washday is my favorite day of the week, mainly because of my washday playlist. That bathroom gets #lit
  1. Four products or treatments you swear by
  • I have recently discovered co-washing and my hair has been loving The Perfect Co-wash from The Perfect Hair range. Definitely worth the investment- plus you get a cute jar after it has finished, the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Flex Hydrate Conditioner is my go-to. Cheap and effective, what more do you need?
  • PRE-POOING IS EVERYTHING! Even my mother with the “straight Indian thread” hair knows this is where the magic happens. She is also a JBCO thief, don’t trust her around your bottle
  • Vatika Cactus Oil, available at Gorimas and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This saved my life when I was transitioning; the heat damage had my hair shedding like cheap Christmas tinsel.
  1. Three tips for other curly girls
  • Embrace YOUR  curl pattern. Yes, Fro Girl Ginny is bomb af with that volume, but Naptural85 is SLAYING with a different curl type too! We can all have #aseatatthetable and we must appreciate our own natural resources just as easily as we do for them Instagram baddies!
  • Moisturize before defining your wash and go. I love AJ Curl Defining Custard as much as the next girl but it does not moisturize hair- check products to see if they are for styling or moisturizing.
  • Wrap your hair in silk/satin before bed, cotton is the enemy!
  1. Two misconceptions about curly hair
  • That it does not look neat, or you need to straighten it to look “done”. It’s 2016, people need to stop being slaves to society and it’s Euro-centric nonsense.
  • It’s easy to take care of. Lol no XD It can be a vicious wench when it wants, usually when you’re going out and need to look bomb XD But the healthy tresses (and no split ends!) are so worth the effort!
  1. One awesome curly pic




Instagram: @seangoesnatural

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