Gillian Joy’s curly girl countdown

Today’s curly girl is Gillian Joy Titus of  Joy’s Truths. She is my ultimate hair crush guys, she is LITTERALLY #GOALS

I was first “introduced” to Gillian on Ruth’s blog it was such a touching post that I started following her all over social media, and then I was introduced to THAT HAIR and then I saw her again on these hair forums and she said she loved my hair and used some of my tips and that’s like when your favourite singer says “hey girl I love the way you sing” Meanwhile,   I might have worn her down and now we are friends on social media…I do that if I like people, I wear them down joe!

Here is what today’s curly girl has to say

5 random facts about you and your hair.
1. I’ve actually had long, limp, straight, black hair for most of my life. I decided to shave my head in 2014 after dying it black for so long. I gave myself 3 months and finally shaved it all off on the 21st of July that year. Best decision I’ve ever made for my hair.
2. I had no clue what my hair would be like once it started growing out. The curl pattern and the texture was new to me and so it took me a really long time to get to know my hair, what worked and what didn’t. I’m still learning but I think we have a good thing going.
3.  One thing that people might not know is that I actually have really fine hair. It’s fine strands but a lot of fine strands so I guess it makes it easier to maintain and work with but it has disadvantages like getting really heavy when using too much product, or being prone to frizz.
I’ve had to be very specific with my research on how to maintain my hair but it’s paid off.
4.  a challenge I face sometimes is having to style my hair for an event. My hair shrinks up A LOT so I can’t do much with it except leave it to air dry and maybe take it back with a hair slide on one side. That’s changing now though, I don’t mind the shrinkage and I really enjoy the “wash and go quality of my hair.”
5. I consider myself a “Natural hair coach”. In the sense that I’d love nothing more than to see women all over, loving who they are including their hair and what it’s naturally grown to be like. So I teach and guide where I can and when I’m asked to help and I love doing this. It’s really our job as women to be helpful and kind regardless of the ‘topic’. Maybe this a hair and self-love revival on the rise and we’re just building a stronger bond between us girls? I’d love that! I think we could change the world!
Four CURLY GIRL products and activities you cannot live without.
I wasnt sure that I could really answer this question fully since I am not a product junkie. I think it’s definitely somewhere inside of me though, to have all of the products on the market and test them all on my hair but I have to be honest in saying that I’m actually more of a “less is more” kind of girl when it comes to my products.
after doing a “water only week” on my hair for the first time last year I realised just how wonderful the good old H20 really is. It has a lot to do with my fine hair strands. I love lightweight hair products so I’ve been using just basic all healthy conditioners on my hair including a homemade all natural deep conditioner.
1.  I’ve been using Nature’s gate aloe vera and macadamia nut oil vegan conditioner to Co wash with – it’s pure HEAVEN!
2.  I adore coconut oil. I switch out oils often but I always end up back at coconut! My sweet love, it goes on everything.
3.  I’m still using curl la la by aunt Jackies since the beginning of my journey. But usually once a week or so or when I feel like my hair needs to be tamed. On other days I usually Co wash and then rinse lighty and I go. That’s it.
4.  I’m planning on getting the line of products by curl chemistry. Millions of good reviews have made me a believer even before I’ve tried it.
3 tips for other curly girls.
1. YouTube videos and curly hair groups are full of healthy hair advice and really, they’re packed with everything you’d want to know but girlfriend, no one knows you hair better than you do. Really make an effort to learn about what your hair loves and what it needs. It will make a huge difference in how you treat your hair and the results you’ll get and even with the products you’ll be purchasing.
2. I don’t always have time for protective styles, in fact I can’t remember the last time I had 1 but what I like to do for the days that I just have no time to do hair in the mornings – I do a few braids on my own hair with a homemade deep conditioner (all natural ingredients like avocado honey and olive oil) I leave this in for about 3 days using head wraps to style my hair until I’m ready to wash it out. I love this! It gives me the most amazing results, and my hair truly loves be back afterwards with the fluffiest wash and go packed with moisture. Try it!
3. Finally, I really want to encourage you to try and leave you hair product free for at least a day or too. It gives your hair time to absorb fresh air and leaves your scalp to produce it’s natural oils and prevents clogging or at least minimalises it. Your growth catapults too. Trust me!
2 misconceptions about curly hair.
1. For some reason people think that because my hair is always big and dramatically curly and wild that I somehow never wash my hair. This was proven when I finally blow dried my hair a few months ago and someone said
“And you finally washed it.” How kind of them to notice haha. I’ve actually been a little obsessed before with washing my hair that was until I learned that it definitely does not need all that washing. I shampoo now once every 2 weeks and I Co wash regularly.
2. I haven’t had any trouble with stereotypes regarding my hair but I’ve noticed how people have somehow associated the “afro” to one race or culture. I love how we can stomp all over these stereotypes and others with boldness because we’re all different with vastly different hair strands and yet so equally, wonderfully gorgeous! With all of the hair groups I’m in on Facebook, my confidence has grown tremendously by the support I’ve received from all of these women I feel as though we’ve done this for all of us.  We love our hair for all of us! And nothing and no one can take this away from us.
Your go to hair style.
1. I have a side path which exists since the first half cm came out of my scalp – it’s not going anywhere so my hair just falls that way anyway. That’s basically it and it’s currently my favourite

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