Tabu Bar and Lounge in my opinion

We tried out Tabu Bar and Lounge at the Radisson Blu and found that fine dining with a view is totally possible without having to take out a loan.

The first time I saw Tabu Bar , I was a newly appointed reporter covering a photo shoot. The beautiful interior and amazing view made me think…One day Elle, one day you will move up from Wacky Wednesday at Steers and be able to eat at a place like this.

It took me YEARS to get there, not because I never moved up from two for one burger specials but because I just never got around to it, plus I didn’t really know how it worked. Do I have to be staying at the hotel, do I need to know someone at the hotel, can I only go if it’s an event because I’ve seen events hosted there, I just never got the nod.

So when Rob and I stayed over at the Radisson the other day I realised just how silly I have been.

The place is totally open to the public in fact they have a buffet  for R175 per person, Monday to Sunday evenings and a breakfast buffet for R185

The food is really good. My husband is a real foodie, with recipe books where most men keep their car mags (not the loo, sies man, he does have car mags, for that hahaha)  he was legitimately impressed. I always know he is impressed when he says the magic words; “We should tell your dad about this place”

You see my dad is super stuck in his ways…I know which three places he eats at and what he eats there, but every now and again Rob finds a place that is so good it could even sway my dad’s opinion.

I ordered the mussels as a starter and Rob had the crispy marsala squid,  both are off Tabu Bar’s brand new menu and are delicious! the squid was not tough (ordering calamari or squid is such a gamble don’t you think) and the only problem I had with the mussels was the fact that I had already eaten my bread by the time it arrived and as a result I couldn’t lap up all the delicious flavourful garlic sauce (I was tempted to just stick my finger in the bowl, but you know – standards)

For the main I had the chicken roulade – stuffed with spinach, pepperdews and camembert  and Rob had steak. The roulade was okay, I don’t think I really like chicken roulades, maybe I just like saying roulade… It had great flavour and was not in the least bit dry but I wished I opted for more seafood yumminess. According to Rob ” this is how steak is supposed to be served” so I think that was a win.

The waiters were great and weren’t the least bit condescending. (am I the only one that will just not go back to a place with rude waiters, I’m like BYE FELICIA) They were super nice, even when it became apparent that Rob and myself had what we like to call, pedestrian wine knowledge…we know red, white, dry, sweet, and semi sweet after that point we are just playing along saying hmmm and ahhh at the right places (I should mention that we have attended many a wine/brand/whiskey tasting and can hmmm and aaah with the best of them)

The desserts were great, I had a Hot Chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice cream and poached cherries and Rob had White Chocolate Delice  with salted caramel doughnuts, hazelnut ice cream and vanilla streuse – yes it is as good as it sounds.

The breakfast was even better, guys! I can’t say no to a breakfast buffet. Rob and I are both breakfast people, he gravitates to the bacon and egg side of things while I like to go for cheeses with names I can’t really pronounce and random un-breakfast like things like smoked salmon and cold meat. They offered both and more… You can even squeeze your own orange juice which is a win…

Tabu Bar def gets a thumbs up from us!


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