My current wash and go using the L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range

Firstly I know you have seen the  L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range sponsored posts everywhere, but this isn’t one. I was just curious about the products and wanted to try it out for myself so I did… with my own money because L’Oreal won’t love me, even though, in the words of Beyonce “I make me so d*amn easy to love”  anyways jokes aside ….

This is how I currently do my hair using the L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range, specifically the Low Shampoo, Deep conditioner and leave in (each under R100 )

  1. Firstly I wash my hair with the Low Shampoo…This stuff is really good, it’s also a little confusing. I feel like shampoo(in general) needs to be a little translucent, I don’t know why, I don’t make the rules. But this is creamy and thick and much more con-wash than wash-wash.  I love how my hair feels like this stuff though.  You guys may know that I am not a shampoo fan because I feel like it leaves my hair feeling like straw. Well this doesn’t, it leaves it feeling quite moisturised actually like if I forgot my conditioner, I might just venture out anyway.

2. Then I deep condition. This stuff reminds me of the medicine my gran used to mix up in her kitchen and tell me it will heal me from the inside. Very medicinal in smell and colour BUT so nice on my hair. I like to finger comb this through and then leave my hair in a bun on top of my head. This is usually when I do things like shaving my legs, exfoliate my ankles(anyone else have super dry ankles? how is this a thing?)  It really leaves my hair feeling super moisturised and soft.

3. Next I use the Oil-in-balm leave-in as a leave-in detangler. With my trusty cheapo detangling brush from Clicks, I section my hair and comb out the knots. I have the knottiest hair ever. Knots Landing even (watch me reference a 70s show I have never once watched) But seriously Tangled was about a pretty blonde girl who ruled using her hair, this Tangled over here is less cartoon , more nature documentary meets thriller. This stuff really helps with detangling as it gives great slip (that’s a YouTube word I learned) it basically means it makes your hair smooth enough for the brush to go through without you crying in the shower.Funny thing, my hair always looks like its going to flop when I put this on but as soon as it starts drying I can see the curls

4. Number four is a bonus feature. Firstly I put on one of these Cansa bandanas which allows me to get dressed without getting product everywhere then I whip it off and put on my secret weapon…I fell in love with making my own Flaxseed gel and at this point, I comb it through with my fingers as it seems to give my curls that extra little bit of oomph.

I really like the L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range it seems to be working for me at the moment. But my hair is temperamental and with summer here and me spending more time in the sun and surf (paddle pools count, shhh you) my hair might need more moisture but let’s not jinx it….so far L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range FTW!!!


9 thoughts on “My current wash and go using the L’Oreal Curl Nourishment Range

  1. MomOfTwoLittleGirls says:

    Oh my word! I love this. My hair has a natural curl and I’ve been straightening it for 15 years. I’m really wanting to embrace the waves but need a product that will take it from poofy frizz to natural slick waves. Might give these a try as I always use L’oreal Products anyway.

  2. Andrea says:

    I am going to try this specific range today! I use another L’Oreal product (The gold bottles too) but I am looking for a rich deep in-leave conditioner for both myself and my girls! I have the most curliest; tanglingist (excuse the word) hair ever! If I don’t brush it through (with a detangler) for 1 day it becomes so Rasta! Thanks for the step by step! Love the final look! Love your hair colour too!

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