Ultimate Hasbro stocking fillers for kids (win all six)

Today is all about stocking fillers for kids and I am very excited to have Hasbro onboard. Hasbro is a leader in toy manufacturing so instead of giving you company history – like I have been with the other stocking fillers – Aidan and I give you our honest opinion on what we deem AWESOME STOCKING FILLERS.

stocking fillers

The prices depend on the store you purchase the product at, but I added an approximate price so you know what to pay Santa.


·         Monopoly Grab and Go (approx.. R140)

o   This popular family board game comes in a handy grab and go format ideal for playing on the go whether during long car journeys while waiting at airports and easy to pack and take with on holiday or when visiting friends.

  • I’ve always liked Monopoly but the game with all its pieces can be finicky, this one is awesome because it is nice and compact and you can put it in your bag for those family holidays. The game is for ages eight and up but we play with Aidan anyway, he really loves counting and thinks it’s the coolest thing to “earn money” and buy things. Aidan says: I like the houses and the cards


·         Transformers step 1 changer (approx.. R250)

o   Join the action with Transformers: The Last Knight, 1-Step Turbo Changer Figures. Just activate and roll out in 1 exciting step.

  • I love this as a take-along toy. It does not take up much space but the transforming action seems to keep them busy for ages. Aidan says: It can be a car and it can be a robot which are both things I love, I really like it.


·         Transformers tiny titans blind bag (approx.. R70)

  • This mini transformer in a bag is adorable. It is a nice way to get in on the Transformers craze without breaking the bank.  Aidan says: You never know what it is, it’s always a surprise and I like surprises


·         My Little pony: THE MOVIE – baby seapony stick-on  (approx.. R110)

o   Baby sea ponies and their friends are perfect companions for the Mane Six when they head down to explore Seaquestria. Decorate with Seaquestria-style by sticking the baby seapony figures on smooth surfaces to pretend she’s welcoming visitors down into her undersea world. Imagine creating more stories in Sequestria with these baby seapony friends (each figure sold separately).

  • I think it is soooo cute, especially as there is not much pink and glittery happening around here with the three boys.  It is a great way to get a My little pony fan into the bathtub and makes a rather cute take-along toy. Aidan says: I don’t like this one, I like mermaids and I like pony’s but don’t like them together. It’s cool that it can stick  to things though


·         Trolls blind bag (approx.. R60)

o   These colourful figures are the ultimate collector’s item, with 12 to collect, your child can swop them, style them and add onto their look with some really great accessories

  •   I am a Troll fan myself and think this is quite cute. Like with the Tiny Titans Transformers it is a nice way to join in on the craze without breaking the bank – especially if your child gets over things rather quickly. Aidan says: I like trolls and any one of them could be in the bag


·         Play-Doh Plus tubs (Approx. R130 for 8 tub variety pack)

o   Give your little one the ability to add awesome details to Play-Doh creations with Play-Doh Plus compound. Little hands can make more detailed yellow swirls, pink stars or other imaginative additions with this softer, smoother Play-Doh Plus compound. 

    • Guys you know we are Play-doh crazy around these parts so this is a must in any stocking. The Plus variety is softer and can create more detailed creations. LOVE Aidan says: I like that you can make anything you want to and it’s so squishy
  • Watch his unboxing below:

We reluctantly put all of these stocking fillers  in the bag for you along with prizes from….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady


17 thoughts on “Ultimate Hasbro stocking fillers for kids (win all six)

  1. Nadine Larter says:

    I’m loving your Christmas spirit. If I do something weird like rub my nose on your shoulder or something on Saturday night know it’s because I’m trying to catch it from you!

  2. Yashmitha Padayachee says:

    Fingers toes and all apendages crossed. I have a pigeon pair so ideally we like all the items, but MY favourite is the My Little Pony baby seapony stick on <3 love love love!

  3. Venean says:

    This competition has my heart honestly!! I love this idea – and the goodies are just getting better and better. JustEllaBella for the win! xxx (well me for the win too!)

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