A daily devotional to SAVOR this Christmas

I’m super excited about this daily devotional. In real life when I get really excited I speak really fast and sometimes need to stop and breath because I forget to breath, this book got me that excited and IT SUCKS, let me tell you why


The book Savor, with its inspirational tagline; living abundantly where you are, as you are, is a daily devotional which means I can’t just get stuck in and read the whole thing in one go. Which is how I read…I grab a book on a day Rob takes Aidan on a daddy date, hide my phone , because fomo, and read till my eyes bleed.


I kind of want to with this one, but on the other side, I’m a stickler for the rules so I shan’t. It does say DAILY DEVOTIONAL after all. If you are reading this you probably like blogs, (well chances are you do) so this book will really speak to you. The conversational style has you feeling like you know Shauna. She becomes this friend who “gets you”.

Its a Christian book distributed by Christian Art Media which is one of our most generous #ECMeetup sponsors. You guys know I’m Christian right? I’ve spoken about faith enough for that to be at least a little obvious, and you’ve seen my church girl selfies...Well this is how I like to worship. Time spent in silent meditation or conversation with God.

What sets this book apart is the personal aspect, you honestly get to relate to a “real person” in fact she even has recipes for you to try out and share with friends and family. It’s kind of a Eat, Pray, Love of a different nature.

I can’t say much more about the book except that this fabric covered beauty  would make a great addition to any gift pile.



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