I’m doing the Veganuary thing again…who is joining me

I’ve decided to try out the Fry’s Veganuary challenge again and I’m looking for buddies to join me.

As many of you know I started pursuing a more plant-based lifestyle last year and for the most part, it stuck. I must admit I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times (talking to you, mom’s fried chicken, from time to time) but for the most part, I’ve managed to do really well, and I give a lot of credit to this year’s Veganuary challenge

I joined the Veganuary challenge in January because Frys challenged me and I do not back down to a challenge pretty easily…. The challenge highlighted the following:

  1. I love cheese soooooo much
  2. The shops around me aren’t vegan friendly
  3. I can cook if I have to
  4. Meat is kind of overrated
  5. If anything I’m pescatarian

I learnt a lot of other things as well like,  what the different plant-based diets are where I could get protein how to cater parties for plant-based eater and even the basics of shopping.

So as a way to boost my plant based lifestyle I’m signing up again. It would be so cool if you guy’s could too and we can share our journey – no pressure.

This year Fry’s will be sharing loads of resources and I am super keen to find out more. The have created a facebook page where we can learn together and cut out meat products for 31 days.

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