DIY button toy box

 I  customised this monogrammed diy toy box for Aidan’s room as part of my DIY nesting situation.The picture isn’t all that clear, but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out 
Follow the simple instructions below to create your own diy toy box

I originally made it when we thought we were having a girl (Mckenna) but since it’s actually a boy (Aidan) the M wasn’t going to work…but Rob reminded me that baby’s surname starts with a M so I didn’t have to undo what I did, just turn the box around…
NOW it says A for Aidan on one side and M for Meyers on the other…here is how I did it


1. To do this you will need a box (I got a small crate like one from a thrift store), scissors, glue, tons of buttons (I love buttons) and templates of the letters you need (I used two you will see why now)

2. Use one template to figure out which buttons you will need before gluing buttons down

3. Cut out the other template that will be glued to the box
4. Now paste the buttons in place, having laid it out on the other template makes this soooooo much easier because its basically transferring
5. Now glue the buttoned letter to the box
6. And tadah you have a monogrammed toy box
– What DIY’s have you done for your baby room?

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