Do you believe in dreams?

A friend mentioned to me this morning that I’m so blessed to have God speak to me in dreams, I never thought of it like that, I know that I have pretty vivid dreams but recently they seem to have a link to my life (or I like to think they do)
Like about two weeks ago I dreamt that I only had 10days left with Rob before he died, so we were making this list of things to do before he had to go, a bucket list of sorts.  The next morning I told him about the dream and he calculated that 10 days referred to day he would be travelling back home from a ceremony in Pretoria.
This freaked him out a bit and we started praying vigilantly, a friend of his actually backed out of trip because of bad feeling. So yesterday, DAY 10, they travel back and low and behold, they are involved in an accident, a piece of lumber fell of a truck ahead of them hitting the taxi they were travelling in, it was a very close call, but no one was hurt! The vehicle was damaged and they added a couple of hours to their trip but that’s it…. I like to think God was telling us to watch out J

Then last night I dream of our baby, this busy little girl with her mother’s talent of turning a clean room into chaos in seconds, she had dark hair and a round face and somehow I just recognized her, this is such a different experience from when I was pregnant with Logan, I dreamt of him as a young man of about 20 and never in the dream could I see his face (pretty sure I blogged about it then) I kept trying to see him but never could, he just walked away surrounded by all these kids that were looking up to him and I remember telling my mom the next morning that he looked like such “a nice person” someone I could be proud of…. How weird and different is that…. I like to think last nights dream means that we will be able to watch our baby grow up. J
I know you could say I’m looking into things that don’t exist and that my dreams are all a coincidence but I prefer to think of it as a Godincidence!

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in dreams?

  1. Luchae Gie says:

    I think that God speaks to us in dreams. In the Bible God spoke to Joseph in dreams. Maybe God showed you the dream of Rob, so that you guys could be alert and start praying in the spirit – coz thats honestly the only place where real change is made 🙂

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