Do you reward yourself? you should

I am currently juggling four jobs – design and layout, freelance writing, blogging+blogging event and gift making.

Sometimes I get so trapped in the cycle of working and getting things done I totally neglect myself

It’s hustle, pay those bills, get more jobs, do more work and then it’s MAY! you know it’s May right? like the other day we were singing Christmas carols now we are in the middle of the year?

The thing is, I love what I do, so it doesn’t always feel like work untill I pass out from exhaustion.
Rob is always on me to “treat myself” to take some me time,get my nails did,  craft and make things because I want to not just because it aligns with my column for Tums2Tots Online (which I love by the way and you simply must check out) or for an order for OhBoyKids, go for coffee that is not just a business meeting in disguise, read a book that is not for a review, take pictures with my actual camera and just switch off my phone/tablet/laptop (WHAT!?!?!)

I think he is right though, I need to be nicer to me so I have devised a plan,based on the surprise egg thing we do with Aidan …
(I bought a load from a sweet shop and will give him one as a non sweet treat when I want to reward him for something, being extra good in church, cleaning his room, being quiet for 5 seconds-he didn’t get for the last one yet).

Here are some ideas for kids treats…

A video posted by Eleanor Douglas-Meyers (@justellabella) on

For myself I will be giving myself little surprises whenever I think I deserve one 🙂

These will include:
– a little treat like a chocolate or fudge
– watching a movie without my phone on
– coffee date with a friend
– mani/pedi
– so on and so on
– a game of squash
– build a fort with Aidan and read

the plan is to make envelopes with my treat in (some will have vouchers or money in so I have no excuses with the paid things) and then I get to chose an envelope or gift.
I’m even considering wrapping up my goodibag items from the #ECmeetup as additional treats because
I deserve a treat damnit!!!

Have an awesome week and don’t forget to reward yourself for all the hard work you do 🙂

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