EC Blogger Meetup is about to be a thing

I love blogging…not just the sitting in my PJs typing up things part…The “community”, the “likemindedness” the “somebody gets me”.

There’s such a great spirit of “learn from each other” and “share with each other” in the blogging world it’s hard not to get hooked (also occasional  bitchiness but like in high shool. ..ain’t nobody got time for that).

In CT and JHB they have yearly meet ups hosted by awesome bloggers  Cindy (3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House), Heather (One Step at a Time, SA Mom Blogs) and Laura (Harassed Mom, SA Mom Blogs) which has been cause for much Fomo on this side.

It wasn’t until Megan from (By Megan) started an Eastern Cape Bloggers group on fb and all these bloggers came out of the woodwork that I thought “hey we could do that here!”

It stayed a thought until Luchae from (My Spreadsheet brain) was all like hey! Lets stop talking about it and do it already…
She got the ball rolling and as always she got me pulled into her avalanche of excitement (she does that).

We started contacting people and businesses and in less than a week things are coming together nicely… so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

We aim to make it a get together with industry experts sharing secrets and amazing sponsors to connect with.

This is only the beginning so drop your email below if you are a local blogger who wants to get swept up by the avalanche too 🙂

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