How to make dress-up boxing gloves

So why make dress-up boxing gloves? Well, Aidan is at a “LIKE YOU” stage. He wants to do everything Rob and I do. This includes boxing.
Please be under no illusions that I’m like a boxing person now.

Rob bought me a speed bag and showed me how to use it for stress relief. He himself has a punching bag and now Aidy wants in on the action with his inflatable doll thing that comes back up when you punch it – you know the type.

To make it more realistic I decided to make him some “dress-up boxing gloves” from felt here is how:

dress-up boxing gloves

– Red and white felt
– Paper and pen
– Scissors
– Needle and thread and sewing machine
– Velcro

What you do:
– Trace child’s hand on paper
– Go around the traced hand and draw a boxing glove shape – more room in fingers basically, with extra strip that needs to be three thims the size of the child’s wrist
– Use drawing as a template to cut out to hands from red felt
– Then cut off the long strip part off template
– Use new shortened template to cut out two white hands
– Sew the white onto the red
– Turn the gloves inside out
– Now sew Velcro onto the wrist part – check picture for where to place it
– TADAH!!!!!!!!!




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