Everyday hacks part two

Last month I did my first few everyday hacks which I dubbed #ellabellatips I wanted a place to share quick tips I came across or knew of so I took to instagram to post it. I then realised that I should do a monthly round up,for those who don’t follow me on instagram (you should though, just saying) so here we are with my second instalment πŸ™‚ 

Want to get healthy veggie based muffins into your toddler?
If you are not completely against sugar, why not lightly (super light – soggy muffins are not on) brush the top with water and dip in sprinkles or even coloured coconut which I showed you guys how to make here

Need a quick on the go snack? 

Mix a small tub of yogurt with half a tub of milk (same tub) instant drinking yogurt πŸ™‚ yum yum – Full cream yogurt works the best.

Need a “keep busy craft” in a hurry?

Cut up some drinking straws to make easy beads then pair with some pipe cleaners 

Want some blue (or any other colour juice)?
Just put the smallest drop of food colouring into apple juice to get your desired colour
Like this blue “Frozen Juice”
Looking for a healthy snack to beat the heat?

Pop your yogurt in the freezer when you get to work or just first thing in the morning at home and by lunch time you have inexpensive frozen yogurt!!!

I am always looking for hacks to share so please tag me @justellabella or #ellabellatips on any tips you would like me to share on my monthly round up πŸ™‚

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