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Today I chat beauty and mammahood with SA tv and radio personality Kia Johnson.

So before I disappeared from the blogesphere last week,  I shared some expert hacks from celeb chef Siba  This week I have another celeb expert sharing her tips and tricks – this time on beauty.

The ridiculously beautiful Kia “How on earth is she mom of two under five” Johnson shares some of her beauty tips and chats about being a mom of two:

Kia Johnson is a Radio and television personality. She is a co-anchor of Radio 2000 breakfast show, Planet Haaibo. She also hosts her own show, Saturday Night Live from Cape Town on Radio 2000 from 9pm to 12am.

The former SABC 3’s Expresso Show  presenter, insert Producer and Live Producer has also worked with KFM as a presenter. Kia was the presenter, researcher, scriptwriter and translator of SABC 1’s Take 5 and has worked as a voice actress on SAFM

She also has the most beautiful head of curls and you know how much I love curly naturals, hehe. I could have asked her a thousand things but wanted to know her beauty tips because, she looks amazing.


  • Keep it simple, know that less is more.
  • Always have an  eyeliner, small box of eyeshadow and a good lipgloss in your bag  for those emergency moments.
  • The kids will drive you nuts so the simplicity will go a long way.

I also asked her how her about juggling her career and two bundles of joy Olga and Sebastian


A pic from Kia’s Instagram, go check out her feed  (just click on picture to go through) to see more about the woman behind the “celeb status”



How do you juggle motherhood, having a partner and your career?

I try to maintain some type of schedule which really does help but you I can’t be too rigid with it, any parent will tell you that by doing so you will never win, so I prefer to call it a ‘guideline’ to try and have some sort of sanity in my home. It’s not the easiest task to juggle but love, compromise and sharing responsibilities does help a lot too which is what my fiancé and I do. My working hours do tend to be quite erratic and unpredictable so on the odd occasion we will call in the nanny to assist when our work schedules clash and we need the extra help.

 You’re a mom to a son and a daughter. How do they differ in terms of parenting skills for you?

At the young age that both our kids are at right now discipline is pretty much the same. No means no and timeout spots are there for the extra discipline moments. And if you say no to the one child no must apply to the other or you will find yourself in some trouble with lots of crying and screaming and tantrums. Currently my one year old has learnt the art of a tantrum and throwing his body on the floor crying profusely while his sister has learnt negotiation on her terms, which both don’t work in our house of course.

What do you do when all have has is nap time to work with?

Ha Ha Ha, oh I’m so sorry I have to laugh at this question because there are many moments that I’m not that lucky, but when I do I clean. As you can imagine the kids have a field day each day and they’re very young right now, my daughter is learning to clean up after herself but my 1 year old is not there yet. Then there are those odd moments where I get longer time off and when that happens it’s my “woosa’ and I get to have a delicious cup of tea and biscuits. Treat time for a hard working Mommy and well deserved. 🙂

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