First time trying Iwori Marula Curl Products

I love Iwori Products because they are responsibly manufactured, they are free from junk and they are cruelty free.

Imagine my excitement when I was gifted Iwori Organic African Marula Curl products from Iwori to try out.

First things first, my usual disclaimer, I’m always honest but I know that everyone’s hair is different so all opinions are based on my own hair…what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

I really wanted these products to work because I’m very attracted to the cruelty free aspect, here is what my first wash taught me

Marula Curl Protection Shampoo

Iwori Organic African Marula sulfate-free shampoo, is supposed to nourish smooth and enhance curls. It’s very thick and much more co-wash than shampoo, the smell is lovely, but I can’t really put my finger on it. I’m going to guess it’s marula even though it smells different than my Iwori marula lotion. It’s got a nice smell, not overpowering at all. And bonus for people with dry hair – like me- it contains shea butter for moisture. It cleans well, jip, a very decent clean. It’s very gentle on your hair, and does not foam up a lot.

Marula Curl Protection Conditioner

The protection conditioner is supposed to nourish smooth and enhance curls. You can definitely see that it helps with curl definition and also helps with detangling. I really like the smell it’s not overpowering and the conditioner certainly does make my hair feel soft practically instantly, but it’s not the best conditioner I’ve ever used. I like to give products a few weeks before I know for sure though and with this softness and manageability I’m very interested in how it’s going to perform as part of my hair routine for the next month. It gives you such great curl definition when you put it on I can actually see someone using this as a leave in…come from the beach put some conditioner on and just go because the curl definition is poppin.

Marula Ultra-Nourishing Curl Defining Leave-In Lotion

The leave-in lotion is supposed to hydrate and enhance shine for soft defined curls. So what I found is that it’s awesome for detangling, but I’d be lying if I said it was my favorite of all the curling products I’ve ever used. It’s really moisturizing and it leaves my hair feeling soft. The curl definition is lacking though. So if I were to use this as my go to product, I would have to add a gel. It just doesn’t seem to have hold. I’m sure this would work amazing for someone with a looser curl, but I need something with way more hold. So basically it’s very moisturizing and really good at detangling which is great, but definitely needs more hold. (I actually think I’m going to use this on my son, his curls need less assistance and I can be sure that there are no nasties in it)

  • I know naturalistas love to check the label so do check out the ingredients on the Iwori Website. Products retail for around R130 each

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