Give your kid’s crayons a second life (DIY)

I made 100 crayon hearts? Is there a reason for this? Well actually I don’t ever need a reason to DIY or recycle BUT yes there is a reason…Aidan’s birthday party


It’s Aidan’s birthday  soon so you can expect a bunch of pre-birthday posts. He has had a few birthday fails  in his life; Like when the cake fell over on his first birthday , the party venue forgot about him on his second and he got sick on his  third so this year I teamed up with some awesome industry professionals to give him a proper party … holding all kinds of thumbs on this one…but first things first here is how I made his thank you gifts …it is super easy and practically free.

What you need:

  • You need a pot (not one of your husband’s prized ones – they get all snooty if you do that)
  • A bunch of crayons from around the house (you have crayon or ten around the house, you know you do)
  • A mould – like for chocolate’s or ice ( I went with hearts because I feel like it works as troll hair and Aidan’s party theme is trolls)
  • scissors or a knife if you need help cutting the crayons


What you do:

Toss crayons in a pot and turn on the heat. I thought I could melt the crayons in the microwave but goodness does it ever take long, the stove way is so much easier.

ladle the hot mixture in to the moulds, this can get  messy and dangerous…

Jip messy….

Leave it to set and then pop them out

  • It is honestly that easy

Can you see the troll hair crayon vibe I am going for? can you? you totally can 🙂



6 thoughts on “Give your kid’s crayons a second life (DIY)

  1. MrsFF says:

    Wow…. super easy. Will definitely be doing this with the little missy. I have ice molds I don’t use again and lots of off cut crayons that would ordinarily be thrown away.

    What I can’t believe all the birthday “fails” going off to read about them

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