Flat twist out for the braiding impaired

My hair length (that awkward growing out stage) has me looking at different styling options…mainly because it has been too hot to simply hide the hot mess under a head wrap.

When I first transitioned (which feels like forever ago) I had long hair that needed coaxing before it would curl, I often did the flat twist out back then, not since the first big chop. But now, with my hair style grown out and looking like a weird 80’s reject, business in the front, party at the back and a tragedy all over…I thought I would give it another go.

Flat twist out…

What is it

The best way  I can explain it is that it is like corn rows but twisting instead of plaiting (two pieces of hair instead of three) . You also tend to braid in the direction you want your curls to fall…In my case I twist away from the path.

This picture links to a video that might be able to explain it better


Why I do it

  • It works on dry and wet hair so I can either update my wash and go or do it after I wash my hair (great for when I wash my hair at night).
  • It can be hidden under a head wrap fro errands…some people’s braids look decent enough to leave the house just like that.
  • The style is forgiving, even though I braid like I can neither see nor feel, my curls come out cute

How do you  do it

  • Make a part from your hairline  (two to create a section of hair to twist)
  • Twist the two sections of hair around each other as you move back along this parted section.
  • Use you favourite hair product to moisturize, I have been using the Oh So Heavenly Beautiful Curls Balm and it works well.
  • As you twist the hair, gently incorporate hair from the parted section into the twist as you work back. (Be careful with the tension, too loose and you lose definition, too tight and you lose follicles)
  • Secure the end of the twist, I use tiny elastic bands and tie off where the twist is no longer flat on my head, my mom on the other hand twists till the end of her hair and attaches band there
  • Style the ends of the hair, for some that is attaching curlers, for others it is twisting till the end, personally I put on the elastic band and then do finder twists at the ends, this works well for me

— What is/was your go to styling method for that growing out period?

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