Florence NOTingale…

I have never felt quite as “motherly” as I do this week.
 Both my boys are sick, Rob with bronchitis and Aidan with tonsillitis, meanwhile I’m struggling to swallow and breath and (to the relief of many) talk.
You don’t really “get to be sick” as a mom though, even though Rob sent me off to bed early due to me having work today (he is off), I soon had both of them wanting to lay in bed with me cause they missed me.
 Rob dozed off into a drugged slumber while Aidan insisted on taking up the remainder of the bed while I told him his favourite bedtime story over and over and over.
Then he invented imaginary eina’s for me to kiss and then he wants to “huggy kissy mummy” then he wants to play a gayme (leap pad) then he passes out mid chatting.
I ended up sleeping on the floor – thanks for the plush rug mom in law – because I just couldn’t handle the heat or Aidan’s need to sit on my face.
Yes there are two other beds in the house, no I didn’t think of it, heat makes me silly.
A sick Aidan is an unpredictable Aidan, it’s so strange, he asks sweetly can he watch Dora, may he build blocks can he please have milk then he freaks out because his tower breaks and he lays down crying till something distracts him and we are happy go lucky like nothing ever happened.
He is not a good eater on the best of days and with his sore throat we can’t even get a cracker in him-I wish I could feed him through osmosis.
Meanwhile Rob is a sick man, I rest my case … Hehehe
Actually he is not the complainy type, even cooking supper and taking himself and Aidan to the doctor and pharmacy, I’m just not very good at being the Florence Nightingale type.
I can administer medicine but that’s it, I’d suck as a doctor, sick people make me feel awkward and act awkward.
So I just hover asking someone who is clearly not well, how they are feeling…I can’t even make chicken soup – I tried, it was a colossal failure.
Lucky for me they are pretty easy patients who just need me to be there, and I’d happily do that every time.

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