Some stock-taking

So I’m typing this sitting in the middle of a war zone of sorts, I’m covered in sticky residue from Aidan’s snacks, his toys are everywhere and I’m sipping on a cup of coffee silently as I don’t want to wake him up…I’m tired and too lazy to tackle a bunch of projects I have going…freelance articles to write, photoshoots to set up, parties to plan oh not to mention sunday lunch needs to be prepared and I should consider a shower,so it’s safe to say I’m overwhelmed!!!! Thing is, I’m overwhelmed but in a good way! I’m HAPPY!!! Being a mom and wife and having my job and hobbies can get a lil much BUT it’s all on my own terms and I’m soooo blessed to have that. I have my day job where I get to design and organise and troubleshoot and be a grown up, it’s the good kind of challenging – especially since my recent promotion (still miss having Robyn at work though) then I have my “side job”, freelance writing, since I’m not a full time writer I get to write what I want to and when I want to (well sorta, deadlines are still deadlines and editor still need to “okay” my ideas) Photography is such a fun hobby, I get to do shoots on my own terms and plan or just whip out my camera and snap pics and just have fun, then there is all the party planning, I LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT! Love coming up with ideas and making it happen, esp for people I love. I also craft (with eye on prize of online store in future) and I’m co-authoring a book and trying to lose weight (I know it sounds like a lot, but I get bored easily-so I pretty much jump between projects) not to mention hanging out with friends, drives with my lil family and Aidan’s crazy social calender (seems it’s birthday season)
Then there is Robin and Aidan, they are my first priorities, and I must admit, growing up shy and feeling pretty much like an outsider, I never thought I’d ever experience love like this, Robin treats me like a queen(not counting times I have wanted to punch him,lol) and Aidan looks at me like I’m a super hero (a nappy changing, baby food making, boo-boo kissing super hero).
Then I have all these amazing friends and family…. I’m extremely blessed and looking at what I have been through in my 28+ years and all the obstacles I overcame I feel like I deserve a leeetle pat on my back, just a little one as all the glory still goes to God 🙂 BLESSED!

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