Foodie Fri-Dae (Smoothies yum yum)

I’m a big smoothie lover!!! and our foodie Friday contributor is one too. Today Davene shares two awesome smoothie recipes (they look so good I almost forget that I really can’t stand papaya, almost. I’d substitute with another melon but the kiwi and banana NOM NOM NOM)
Her recipes to date are:

Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

Ingredients (serves 4)
6 Kiwis
5 Strawberries
2 bananas
½ cup of plain yogurt
Add into a blender, blend it up until smooth.  Pour into 4 glasses and enjoy.

Paw Paw  (Papaya) and Pomegranate Smoothie

1 large paw paw (papaya)
4 oranges squeezed into juice
6 large strawberries +2 for garnish (optional)
1 tub of pomegranate seeds or the seeds from 2 pomegranates
1 banana
Add into a blender and blend it until smooth.  
Pour into 4 glasses and garnished with a sliced strawberry pieces.  Enjoy.
Be sure to ‘check her out on her BLOG where she most recently chats about her “weight loss secret”

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