My 5 favourite 3 ingredient recipes

I decided to share my favourite 3 ingredient recipes with you in one easy to click through blog post…my pleasure. As someone who does not like to cook ,but likes to make things in the kitchen – let that weirdness sink in – I have an arsenal of easy recipes and these are the top ones, the ones I pull out all the time, and that I jot down on those recipe cards at kitchen teas.

If you want to whip up something fast this weekend, why not give one of these a go and if you decide to put it on social media, please do tag me.

 my top 3 ingredient recipes

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Seed bars

These count as t 3 ingredients because I count “nuts and seeds” as one thing…don’t judge. They are not sugar free, but they are only 82cals each with extra protein and potassium in the mix.

It is a favourite at our house and I make it for Aidan’s lunch box, also I find that both Caleb and my dad find reasons to visit when I have these in the cookie jar.

Three ingredient scones 

So people pop in without prior arrangement? Or it’s Sunday and you feel like high tea, because suddenly you are fancy? These are AWESOME! They might not be the prettiest but they taste great. My recipe is sugar free but you can add some sweetness if you prefer that type of flavour.


Peanut butter cookies 

These are the best thing since ever! Another lunchbox filler that can be whipped up in a jiffy. These peanut butter cookies make a great, bakers man school treat. You could also whip them up for when your in laws come over and you want to seem like the homemaker type – PS. I have been married  for nine years now, it is too late to trick people.



Believe it or not, those are pancakes the boys are devouring. This is my moms three ingredient recipe and it is such a winner with the boys. You literally shake the ingredients up in a mason jar and are ready to go with just 3 ingredients, I swear.


French toast waffles

I make these so often it is insane. It is officially Aidan’s favourite meal and can be made in minutes with just 3 ingredients , if you don’t count the spices.

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