Fuss free Easter egg hunts

Do you have Easter egg hunts? How do you stop it from becoming a full out “I hate you poopy head” brawl?

If brawl has become your norm, I’ve got some some alternative ideas for hopefully fuss free easter egg hunts. For those who never have issues,kudos…

The fights are usually about one kid hogging the loot, and with kids of different ages it stands to reason that some will do better than others…here is how we eliminate that problem

Fuss free options for Easter egg hunts

1. Mark the eggs

Give each child a colour and stick corresponding coloured stickers on the eggs. This way everyone can only claim a certain amount and can even help each other.

2. Common goal

A treasure map leading towards a box of Easter egg loot promotes teamwork and the prize can be shared equally.

3.Scavanger hunt

We do scavenger hunts alot around these parts. Usually it’s my way of keeping Aidan and Caleb busy while I work, because working from home is so super glamorous. I will take pictures of objects around the house and garden and print it on one sheet. They then tick off what they have found. Other times I have them take pictures of items I have listed (super basic drawings) they both have tablets and use it to take pics and make videos. For each picture they take they get an egg. This ensures that you are in control of how many eggs each child gets.

4. Obstacle course

Make an age appropriate obstacle course and award each finisher with a basket of goodies.

5. Joint hunt

Send everyone to go out hunting for eggs and award them points for every egg they bring back. The winner gets a little prize while the rest of the loot is shared equally amongst the participants.

So what do you think? Are you likely to give one of my suggestions a try?

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