Grey Magic…my first attempt at a book a month.

Grey magic is done and dusted!

No I didn’t join a coven (not since that awkward phase in High school anyway). I just finished the latest offering by JT Lawrence (a signed copy nogal, just so you know I’m like cool and stuff).

book review

It took me forever! Since my life became pretty much controlled by outside forces (a three year old and a demanding work life) I haven’t had the time or attention span to read for the past two years.

But I finished Grey Magic in two months and now I’m aiming to do a book a month… below I will tell you how one lucky reader can get a copy of next month’s book…but first…

What I thought of Grey Magic

grey nagic

Grey Magic is a cool book, as a Christian I’d be lying  if I said I didn’t raise my brows in one or two places wondering if it was a tad blasphemous (it redeems itself though so read on).

I really liked how the main character Raven was such an everyday woman with problems we can all relate to. The house if falling apart, her health is questionable, she has issues with her family, basically things just aren’t looking like she needs it to. (oh hi there MY LIFE)

Add to that some real South African references and you could be reading any 30+ woman’s diary around here. EXCEPT most women I know don’t do magic (not including my friend’s Ice-Cream cake, that’s magic), well they don’t have websites advertising hexes and twitter accounts where people can chat to them about spells anyway.

The book feels current and practical – no conjuring up the dead here, more dealing with infertility, hay fever and ghosts of the past.

The book is fun and quirky as we journey with Raven who is  dealing with being accused with murder and a community who is turning against her.

The story has some serious twist and turns and doesn’t read heavy at all (like oh my word get to the point) There are some unexpected sex scenes (or maybe only prudes like me didn’t expect it) some bad language and some accusations of murder. It’s crazy and real and you should get a copy.

Coming up

This month I’m going for a non-fiction book… You and Me Forever by New York Best-Selling  author Francis Chan in conjunction with his wife, Lisa Chang. Christian Art Publishers is giving away a copy of this book about making God the center of your marriage, while remembering that marriage is really only until death do you part.

If you would like me to send this book off to you comment below one thing you love about your spouse.

I will be doing a draw on Friday.

On Wednesday we will be giving away the Christian Art Publishers colouring book for someone brave enough to admit that they might be a bad mom so there is some time to enter that

One thought on “Grey Magic…my first attempt at a book a month.

  1. Jill says:

    The one thing I love most about my husband, Grant is the way he loves the Lord. His first love has, and I am sure, will always be Jesus!
    It is because of his love for Jesus that he loves, honours and respects me the way he does. He is the kind of guy that takes care of the finances, fixes anything that breaks in our home or car, works a full time job and manages to do a bit of extra to get more income. The kind of guy that cooks, helps out with the kids and still finds time to study to better himself.
    I am so blessed he chose me as a life partner and will forever be submissive and supportive… but all this stems from Grant’s first love… JESUS… so I just have to love that about him the most!

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