NMB, get your book loving butts to Logos Hope

Attention Book lovers in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas!!! The worlds largest floating book fair has docked in the bay and this is the last week you can join in. It’s been here since June 9 and we have already been on board, we will be on board again before it leave THAT IS FOR SURE!

The ship carries more than 5 000 book titles and over 500 000 volumes including science, cookbooks, fiction and Christian literature, as well as children’s books and academic texts. It is operated by  400 crew members from 60 different countries and is really quite a treat.

The price tags on the books are ridiculously low, I thought I was calculating their rates incorrectly, but I was not so I’m def going back to stock up on more books for gifts, because books make the best gifts DUH! (and chocolate and spa treatments, but books are right up there)

I remembered going on it’s sister boat the Doulos as a kid and I was mesmerized by the whole experience so many books, so much to see.
*My Godmother took me and I swear I can remember every detail of the visit…I had saved up my money (I used to make money typing things up for people) and I walked away with many gems that are still on my book shelf today.

I knew I simply had to take Aidan when the big kahuna itself docked.

There is an interactive welcome area that introduces the new vessel with a short movie and interactive display.
* We went at a rather quiet time and Aidan asked the attendant if he could get into the lifeboat viewing area and watch the short movie, they were super nice about it, even if it was kinda awkward being the only person  watching the video, they made us feel super welcome.

Aidan’s eyes lit up when he saw the books!  – he entertained quite a few shoppers with his exclamations “So many mommy so many, I LOVE BOOKS”

If you get snackish, the International Café sells ice cream, drinks and snacks. Visitors are also able to explore the Visitor Experience Deck.

The boat is here untill the 19th opening hours: Sun-Tue 02pm – 09pm Wed-Sat 10am – 09pm
There is an entrance fee of R5 per person; children under 12 years old enter for free, but must be accompanied by an adult.



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