Handcrafted at the click of a button

I love handcrafted gifts, there is something so special about…”I thought about you and put in the effort and the talent I have in to make you this”

This is not always feasible though, I know this first hand because I always have a friend or family member asking me to help them craft something. They usually claim they don’t have the skill set (glueing things down is a skill set now? Hmmmm, I see you) but I think it is more of a time thing.
We live in an instant gratification world, very few people have the patience or time to “wait 24 hours something to dry before applying second coat”.

That’s where this cool news business comes in…Gift Emporium – Hand crafted items at the click of a button.

I vote yes, even though I for one am well versed in the “wait 24 hours game”, easy handcrafted, works for me.

The business is run by a 38 year old single mom of two boys aged 8 and 3 named Terri.
It is the online version of the Johannesburg based gift shop; On a Whim. Coincidentally Terri took on the task of running the online story “on a whim”

“I wanted to have flexibility in my work so that I could be there for my boys and asked if I could do the online shop for On a Whim. I wanted it to be my own but based off the physical shop, therefore used a different name.”

Gift Emporium launched in March this year. The shop has tried to stick to local is lekker and therefore almost everything is handmade in SA.

“ I used the best selling products to start off with and am adding as I go along. I also work in the shop often to get to know what customers think, what they like and to learn more about the artists/ designers.”

I played around on their site a little and these are my favourite finds. This is the ideal place to go if you want to send a gift to a friend on the other side of the country.
The products are quirky and unique and with new stock loaded regularly you can always find something, handcrafted to gift (I mean it doesn’t have to be your hands does it)

Click on picture to buy some AWESOMENESS!

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