Kid friendly science experiments

Aidan and I did some science experiments (or experience, like he says) this weekend.

Unfortunately my camera bombed out and I lost all the footage that was set to be quite a fun YouTube video…you guys are subscribed right?

But since we did the experiments I thought I would share it with you guys anyway and give you some hints on how to do it with a pre-schooler …

Since these pictures are not mine, I am linking through to the sites so you can get step by step instructions, just click on the picture, because I in no way shape or form want to steal anyone else’s hard work…

Cool Science Experiment for Kids

The walking water experiment

This is basically three cups, you keep the middle one empty and fill the two on the side with coloured water, the water then “walks” into a cup ¬†through rolled up paper towels.

It is a really easy one BUT it takes some time for the walking to happen. Almost an hour until you get the real exciting result.

Image result for ice and salt experiment

Ice fishing experiment

Using water and salt, this experiment lets you lift ice out of a glass using string.

This one is super messy and takes some trial and error BUT the look on your kids face when they do the ice-magic is priceless. Aidan says he is like Elso with Frozen magic, which is really cool.



Heat the paper to make a lemon juice invisible ink message appear. - Clive Streeter, Getty Images\

The invisible ink trick

This one was quite funny, Aidan loved painting and then seeing the words appear once I heated up the dried paper.

This one also takes a little bit of patience because you need to wait for the paper to dry before you iron/use a blow drier.

Hope you like the ideas and that you clicked through to see the full experiment plus why it works. We had such a fun Sunday afternoon doing these things…if you know of any other fun things we can make please leave a link and we will try to get a YouTube video up…the Techno God’s can’t hate me forever can they?


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