Happy birthday mom!

So blessed to have my mother,Angie, granted to us for another year.!
I remember when I was really little I used to cuddle up with her and try to sync up our breathing, I’d hold my breath and try to stop/start so we would be on same rhythm (weird I know) I think I just always felt like we were so different ,that if our breathing was at least the same I wouldnt feel so removed from her  (I was a very! Emo kid)  people would always remark how I am nothing like her. They would look at me and say things like, “nothing like her mother this one,maybe her dad,her gran or aunt but nothing like her mom”…sad when it was widely accepted (still is) that my mom is this beautiful,caring, talented, selfless person, but ofcourse I’m nothing like her ( gee thanx opinionated old ladies) anyway I always felt removed in someway and she never quite knew what to do with my opinionated,  emotional and rather dramatic self.
But things change and we have never been closer. My mom means the world to me and we are really birds of a feather! I see my love of reading,writing and crafting in her…not to mention sarcasm.
I think that like I used to stop/start my breathing so I could sync up with her, God has done that to our lives and synced us up though life’s challenges- a cool thought albeit pretty out there….

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