How do you raise a gentleman

How are jerks made? Everyone knows a guy who just radiates “I’m amazingness”  a guy who bullys,badmouths and generally just thinks the sun shines out of his behind…how are guys like that made? And how can you avoid your precious Lil angel basically turning into a douce?
How can you ensure your kid knows he is special and amazing and can do anything with his life while remembering that he is in fact not better than everyone else and the world doesn’t owe him anything?
I want Aidan to respect his elders, to take care of those less fortunate, to have a good heart and basically NOT be full of himself…
I don’t want him to be a racist,a bigot, and quite generally an idiot.
I know that as his mom I don’t have full control of his personality but I guess I will just try to do my part, like not laugh if he makes fun of anyone else, not encourage him putting anyone down, I’ll try to make sure he knows a diverse set of people and not be afraid to reprimand him if I see him acting the fool.
Mostly I will just pray for him and try my best… luckily he has some great men,like his dad and mine, to look up to and that is a good start.

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