Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my mom’s birthday according to her she is 20 20 something, lol, she’s actually still pretty young and (annoying as this may be) still in great shape.
We didn’t always get along too great, but these days she is one of my best friends because time(age) has taught me that while I thought we had nothing in common the opposite is true.
In a lot of ways I am the part of her she tries to hide, emotional and often dramatic, I am the dreamer who carries her heart on her sleeve and trusts way too easily. She is the head strong no nonsense, put your trust in yourself type who never does anything to please others, help others yes!,  please others? not so much.
But with time I realised I’m actually a lot like her always taking charge and valuing my independance and like me my mom has a big creative side to her.
She called me a high maintenance child/teenager and I called her unsympathetic, but things have changed and I like to believe the dreamer in me has helped her learn to dream again, while she taught me to never apologise for who I am (still learning) , to rely on myself, but never take people for granted always treating others how I want to be treated.
She is also one of the funniest people I know.

– Happy Birthday mom, thanks for everything from walking me to school before your shift when I was little to waking up early to help me revise for exams and going out of your way for me no matter what.
Thanks for mothering without smothering and for being you.


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