Honestly speaking

Three most difficult things about Logan’s death
1. I’m suddenly not pregnant anymore, I’m reminded every time I look down at my none existent tummy, that hurts much more than the glaring, still healing, scar. I used to touch my tummy loads and know I was carrying a precious little gift, but no more. That sucks!
2. I have no cute little man to look forward to, he was due in June and suddenly I feel like I have nothing to look forward to, all my lists of “things to get for baby” “stuff to do before baby” “things to do with baby” MEAN NOTHING 🙁 except tears when I suddenly stumble upon a list.
3. We won’t be seeing any of his milestones, no first steps, no first teeth, no firsts for us, just one long last 🙁
(Suddenly thought all this when I walked pass mirror and saw my tummy, or lack there of, I suddenly got really sad and cried my eyes out-who knew I still had tears left- thought since sharing usually helps, I’d blog my feelings)

One thought on “Honestly speaking

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here today, gone tomorrow. It makes one think…there is more to life then moaning about being preganant, the weight, the nauseousness, being uncomforatble ect. Cause in a wink God can take it away and leave you with nothing…and u would end up mourning not only the death of an angel but also the emptiness of a pregnancy….I enjoy your blogs, cause I am also preganant and this make me realise that it could be so much worse. So i enjoy being blessed in this way to be worthy in Gods eyes to carry his angel. I feel for you, and carry you in my prayers that you may find healing in a special way and that God will one day make you parents of a healthy baby…and that when you do fall pregnant again, there would be more joy and happiness and less moaning about weight, clothing ect. Much love ** Proud mother to be**

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