How to make your own laptop/tablet sleeve

diy laptop sleeve

Anyone in the market for a super easy diy laptop/tablet sleeve?

I recently got a new laptop, it’s rather small (I don’t even think it can be called a laptop in all honesty) and can fit in my handbag. I wanted to keep it protected from everything else that can fit in my handbag – loads of things, loads – so I grabbed some felt, vintage buttons and made my own laptop sleeve – yeah me.

After the break-in and finding out we were under-insured…queue sobs of incorrect adulting…we have slowly – and rather expensively – been rebuilding our lives.

Anyone want to give me their camera- queue more sobs (BOTH CAMERAS GONE, PEOPLE,BOTH)

One thing I simply HAD TO GET was a new laptop…I opted for the Lenovo Idea Pad (in dark red to match the blog) because of it’s convenient size,price and user friendliness, also SUPER CUTE!

To make the diy laptop/tablet sleeve I needed:


Laptop/Tablet for sizing purposes, Felt, Scissors, Buttons, Pins, Short Shoelace, needle and thread

Then what I did was

diy laptop/tablet sleeve

Fold felt in half and cut a piece slightly bigger than the table/laptop (you need it to be doubled)


Sew on both sides, leaving an opening and a flap at the top, Think envelope.


Turn the laptop/tablet bag the right way around


Now take the flap and turn it the other way around – away from the opening – and pin


Sew both sides to create a little pocket and turn this the right side around


Now you should have a large felt envelope… attach buttons to flap and “body”


Now tie the shoelace tightly to one of the buttons, the sleeve can now be closed by wrapping the shoelace around the buttons

diy laptop/tablet sleeve

This is what you should end up with… a super cute super easy diy laptop/tablet sleeve.

Thanks for DIYing with me- I share quicky projects on my instagram so do check it out

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